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    Whats best for me?

    Hey there,

    Im trying to get a better knowledge of what is better for my warlock atm. Im currently playing affliction, an willing to go demo/destro after some practice.

    But ive been reading the forum an looking at other Warlocks on Armoury's etc an im seeing 2 different Reforge/Gemming situations. Im seeing some locks going full haste, some going full mastery.

    Im not asking for someone to tell me exactly what I should reforge here an there, but ive been so used to using reforgelight on my DK for years, an now it hasnt updated, an ask mr robot suggests not to be hit capped or even close to, I want to learn simcraft etc an then from what iv'e seen i can importat the simcraft file into ask mr robot for a more simple understand. Im asking for someone to help me learn simcraft properly so I can make sure im doing everything correct for my current gear.

    Is my armory, an from what I belive I have the latest SimulationCraft installed (520-1).

    I dont have access to 4pc atm, but I have 9 Elder Charms, to get LFR or try an pug HoF/MSV. I also have a [Flamecaster's Burning Crown] in my bad which I got from Bonus Roll on Horidon, which im currently not using due to the crit on it. I am in the process of leveling Engineering so that will be done soon enough.

    Much appreciated.

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    Watching this, or the guide Evrelia made in the Affliction sticky OP should probably give you a basic idea on what to do with SimC. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...imulationCraft

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    Fourddd, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. You actually do more damage when you favor other stats over Hit (Affliction spec only). But this requires using some addons to help you manage your spells if certain ones miss. If you don't want to go that route, you can still favor hit on Mr. Robot. Choose the hit preset stat weight (drop down menu, right above your gear).

    Here's your character when it favors hit cap
    Here's your character when it forces hit cap

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