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    Question New to 90, now what?

    So I have finally got few toons to 90 now and can't really figure out what I should be doing next. Where are good places to find daily quests. Should I pvp for gear so its easy to get into LFR?

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    Do heroics, get gear and then do LFR. Don't use PvP gear in PvE.

    When it comes to dailys - go to the capital city of your faction on Pandaria - in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and on the ground floor you will have quests that will lead you to daily quests with certain factions.

    Also if you want to have some fun in PvP do random battlegrounds, farm PvP gear and then do some Arenas. And train your professions to max level
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    PvP gear for PvE is just fine nowadays, because U get the same pve offstats in pvp gear as in equal level pve gear. But, dreadful set is only 458 ilvl so that wont get u in LFR. So I also encourage you to go heroics and grind gear from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultrachronic View Post
    So I have finally got few toons to 90 now and can't really figure out what I should be doing next. Where are good places to find daily quests. Should I pvp for gear so its easy to get into LFR?
    If playing for the story in any way interests you, you should be doing the Domination Point/Lion's Landing reputation dailies. They're really quite good, and pretty much drive the story of MoP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganker View Post
    Don't use PvP gear in PvE.
    PvE 483 has the same attributes as PVP 483. In fact excluding hit caps PVP gear is identical to PVE. It is therefore recommended to get arena gear when gearing up. Which is why all hardcore guilds PvP capped their points during mop launch.

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    Thanks for the replies, I will get some new daily quests done and gear from hc and pvp to get ilvl up for lfr (:

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    I did hit 90 on my warlock this friday. I did my first LFR last night. You do not need to pvp to get into LFR fast. I did get the boots from SHA quest and then just ran hc's untill I had 460 iLVL

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    some bg's or arena helps also

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    best thing to do when u hit 90 and before 90 is open up the klaxxi dailys (all 12 of them) or so and keep doing their dailys+ the secret one every day till u hit revered. then u can buy the badge to give 100% more rep which makes grinding them much faster.

    next u can do the golden lotus quests every day till revered.. but its much slower
    lastly you can do tiller dailys finally and buy their badge at revered.. allowing you to work on farming getting extra mats and stuff for yourself or professions. then theres dungeons/more quests /LFR and arenas to do.

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    Wait a week and get a full set of 476 honor gear for minimal effort. Will be enough to get you into all the t14 LFR, and will bring you very close to 480 which will be the t15 LFR. Save your valor for the new batch of valor items too, 522 I think.

    I would not bother with heroics or JP as it is kinda a waste of time at this point.

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    lvl cap= you can start playing the game, as you finished the basic preparation, what you wanna do next is up to you.

    Plenty of things to do in MoP, not only regular pvp and pve, but also pet battles, challenge mode 5mans (that scale gear down to 463s= no matter if you have dungeon blues or hc raid gear, it will be about the same challenge, extra sockets on raidgear help, but setboni and sha-gems are disabled). And if you are into achievements, you can grind for weeks without getting them completed (5k pet pvp wins, nat pagle exalted rep, 250k honor kills I look @ you)

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    DO what everyone does, 5 Man Heroics, then some LFR, then Normalmodes.

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