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    Suggestion : fun and balanced racial trait ideas

    Hello people. I recently decided to design new racials.

    Like many players, I find the racial traits a bit awkward and outdated. Some people even think they should totally be removed. If I think this solution is too extreme, I wish some change to bring a more fair balancing between races. I am not naive, it would be impossible to have 100% balanced racial traits, but today the balance is in fact non-existent. Today if you want create a horde druid and want to play it in HL PVE, you have the choice between troll and tauren races. The first bring you a dps and heal trinket (and even tank survival since the survival is more active than passive now) and the second … nothing except a ridiculous hp buff. You can find many examples like this for both HL PvE and PvP situations. Ok the look of your character is important, but why penalize some players ? Ok it is very hard to balance racials, but today it is not a +2% dps versus a +1,70% dps it is a +2% dps versus nothing.

    This is why, in all modesty, I suggest new racials.
    The rules I followed to create or rework racials were :
    - Each race have 5 racial traits
    - Two racials that increase Damage, Heal and Survival (like Blood Fury, Viciousness, etc …)
    - One racial wich is situationnal, mainly for PvP (like EMfH, Hardiness …)
    - Two fun and/or utility racials (like Two Forms, Cannibalize, Diplomacy …)
    - All racials are usefull for all classes
    - No specific primary profession required
    - One active racial between the damage/heal/survival and situationnal racials

    Also keep in mind that numbers and % are just numbers and can be changed to prevent overpowered or overweak racial traits ...

    I would be happy to see constructive comments

    1) Horde

    To see icons and have a more clear overview :
    (orc, troll, tauren)
    (ud, blood elf, goblin)

    Orc :

    - Blood Fury [Damage/Heal]
    Instant Cast, 2min cooldown.
    Increases attack power and spell power by 10%. Lasts 15 sec.

    - Proud and Honor [Survival]
    Most Orcs have a great sense of honor, leading them to never refuse a fight. Even when they are seriously wounded, they use all their ressource to fight until their last breath and to defeat their opponents before dying.
    When you reach 20% of your maximum total health, all damage you take are decreased by 10% for 8s. Cannot occur more often than once every 180s.
    Lok'tar Ogar, the victory or the death.

    - Hardiness [Situational]
    Duration of Stun effects reduced by an additional 15%.

    - Martial Superiority [Fun/Utility]
    Orcs are known to be the best warriors. When you win a duel, all your cooldowns are reset and your maximum total health, energy, focus and mana are restored, and you gain honor as if you killed a member of the opposite faction. Ready to win the next duel !
    - Rage of Spirit of the Wolf [Fun/Utility]
    Wolf is the orc people's animal totem and Spirit of the Wolf accompanied the honorable orc fighters in combat.
    When you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, you recieve the Rage of the Spirit of the Wolf for 10s.
    Under Rage of the Spirit of the Wolf, for the next ennemy you kill the amount of experience is increased by 10% and the amount of honor point is increased by 1 if it yields honor.

    Troll :

    - Berserking [Damage/Heal]
    Instant cast, 3 min cooldown.
    Increases your melee, ranged, and spell haste by 20% for 10 sec.

    - Regeneration [Survival]
    Each 5s you are healed for 1% of your total maximum health. This effect is disabled for 10s if you stand more than 5s below 30% of your maximum total health.

    - Da Voodoo Shuffle [Situational]
    Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%. Trolls be flippin' out mon!

    - Troll Sacrifice [Fun/Utility]
    Active, 60min cooldown
    You canalize on yourself a Sacrificial Voodoo Ritual that needs 2 additional allies to complete. Accomplishing the ritual kills you but permits your party or raid's members to not degrade their equipment and so to not pay additional repairing the next time they die.
    The ritual himself dont degrade your own equipment. Dat would be ironic mon !

    - Bless of the Loas [Fun/Utility]
    Each troll tribs have their Loas. Darkspear's main Loa, Bwonsamedi the patron of the spirits of the dead on Echo Isles, protect them after the death.
    When you die you dont lose most of your benefits.
    Cannot occurs more often than once every 30min.

    Tauren :

    - Rites of the Great Hunt [Damage/Heal]
    Each Tauren must perform the Rites of the Great Hunt. This experience, that required a great strenght, but also dexterity and spirituality, is then engrave on their minds forever and help them for their future combats.
    When you deal damage or heal someone, your strenght, agility or intelligence have a chance to be increases by 3% for 10s. Cannot occur more than once every minute.

    - Endurance [Survival]
    Your maximum total health is increased by 5%.

    - War Stomp [Situational]
    0.5 sec cast, 2min cooldown.
    Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yds for 2 sec.

    - Ressources of the Nature [Fun/Utility]
    Tauren know how use what the Earth Mother offers to them.
    When you gather plants, ores or skins, or when you collect ingredients from beasts, you gain Ressources of the nature effect that heals you over 30s for 30% of your maximum total life.

    - Plainsrunning [Fun/Utility]
    1,5s cast
    You prepare yourself to run an a high speed.
    Considered as a mount ability.
    (note : like the worgen racial, with an other animation)

    Forsaken Undead :

    - Touch of the Grave [Damage/Survival]
    Your attacks and damaging spells have a chance to drain the target, dealing X Shadow damage and healing you for the same amount.

    - Plague Cure [Heal]
    Experiments conducted by the Royal Apothecary Society on a new Plague and the involved risks forced the forsaken soldiers to know how cure diseases.
    When you use a heal on an ally you have a chance to heal him by an amount of X for 10s and to cure a disease on him.

    - Will of the Forsaken [Situationnal]
    Instant, 2min cooldown.
    Removes any Charm, Fear and Sleep effect. This effect shares a 30 sec cooldown with other similar effects.

    - Cannibalize [Fun/Utility]
    10s, cast
    When activated, restores 8 to 9% of total health every 2 sec for 10 sec. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yds. Any movement, action or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect.
    Doesnt work in instanced zones.

    - I know the path [Fun/Utility]
    The Forsaken undead have alreay traveled the path between the life and the death.
    When you resurrect at a Spirit Healer you are not affected by Resurrection Sickness.
    Again ... Damned world !

    Blood Elf :

    - Reminiscent of Corruption [Damage]
    Although Blood Elves are nearly cleaned from their corruption and addiction by fel magic, some reminescent of their ancient powers unintentionally appear during the battle.
    When you deal critical blood damage or critical magic damage, including poison and diseases damage, you have a great chance to also deal an amount of X arcane damage over 30s to your ennemy. Just one Reminiscent of Corruption can be active per Blood Elf.

    - Arcane Shield [Heal/Survival]
    When you heal an ally or when you are attacked you have a chance to summon an Arcane Shield on your ally or yourlsef, absorbing X damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 20s.

    - Arcane Torrent [Situationnal]
    Instant, 2min cooldown.
    Silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec. Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec.

    - An Embarassing Past [Fun/Utility]
    Sin'dorei were once a time friends of the Alliance.
    When An Embarassing Past is active you understand the common language and you can trade with Alliance's vendors.
    (note : you cannot speak common, just understand, and vendors become neutral)

    - Magic Affinity [Fun/Utility]
    Sin'dorei have a great affinity with the arcane power and can feel the magic wich surrounds them.
    Each time you gather herbs, ore and skins or when you craft an item, you have a chance to recieve an enchanting ingredient.
    The ingredient level depends of the item level you gather or you craft.

    Goblin :

    - Rocket Barrage [Damage/Heal]
    Instant, 2min cooldown.
    Launches your belt rockets at an enemy, dealing X fire damage. In addition increases your haste by 10% for 15s.

    - Kaja'Cola [Survival]
    Goblins use the Kaja'mite ore to increase their intelligence. The Kaja'Cola, distilled from the priceless ore, is easy to drink and used to find great ideas during desesperate situations.
    When you reach 20% of your maximum total health you drink a Kaja'Cola. Under Kaja'Cola all incoming damage taken the next 6s are absorbed. At the end of the effect 90% of the absorbed damage are dealt over 6s.
    Cannot occurs more often than once every 2min.

    - Rocket Jump [Situationnal]
    Instant, 2min cooldown.
    Activates your rocket belt to jump forward.

    - Pack Hobgobelin [Fun/Utility]
    Instant, 30min cooldown.
    Calls in your friend, Gobber, allowing you bank access for 1 min.

    - Best Deals Anywhere [Fun/Utility]
    Always receive the best possible gold discount, regardless of faction.

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    2) Alliance

    To see icons and have a more clear overview :
    (human, dwarf, gnome)
    (night elf, dranei, worgen)

    Human :

    - Sword and Magic [Damage/Heal]
    Their versatility permits to Humans to be talented with weapons as well as with cast magic.
    Increases damage based on your weapon damage by 1% and increases damage and heal done by your non-instant and non-channeled spells by 1%.

    - Devotion [Survival]
    Humans are religious people, often using myths and divin reason to explain things that are beyond their capacity to comprehend. Whatever they believe, they are very devout.
    Increases all healing done to you by 2%.

    - Every Man for Himself [Situationnal]
    Instant, 2min cooldown.
    Removes all effects caused by area of effect spells or abilities and that result to movement impairing or loss of control of your character.

    - Communication Addict [Fun/Utility]
    Human need to communicate and to share ideas and feelings. Wherever a Human is, he will find rumors originating from cities and his own opinion will one day reach cities by word of mouth.
    When Communication Addict is active you have an access to the Alliance Trade Channel wherever you are.

    - Diplomacy [Fun/Utility]
    Reputation gains increased by 10%.

    Dwarf :

    - Brave Heart [Damage/Heal]
    Dwarves often show their valour to defend their allies on combat.
    Each time you or an ally is damaged, you have a chance to recieve the Brave Heart effect that increases your Attack Power or Spell Power by 3%.
    Cannot occurs more often than once every 45s.

    - Stoneform [Survival]
    Instant, 2min cooldown.
    Removes all poison, disease and bleed effects and reduces all damage taken by 10% for 8 sec.

    - Great Tolerance [Situationnal]
    Your habit to alcohol effects trained you to resist to daze and disorient effects, reducing the duration of those effects by 15%.

    - Drink or Drive [Fun/Utility]
    When you are tipsy, drunk or totally smashed, your mount movement speed is respectively increased by 10%, 20% and 30%.
    However each time you stop moving you have respectively a 30%, 60% and 90% chance to be dismounted and knocking to the ground and at a distance of 10 yards.
    Doesn't work in instanced zones.

    - Explorer [Fun/Utility]
    You find additional fragments when looting archaeological finds and you can survey faster than normal archaeologists.

    Gnome :

    - Mechagnome Assistance [Damage/Heal]
    Gnomes have learn how to create and summon Mechagnomes. While they are very different to the Mecagnomes of titanic origins and far to be as smart, summoned Mechagnomes can imitate their gnome master.
    Each time you deal a direct damage or a direct heal with a spell or a special ability you have a 10% chance to summon a Mechagnome to assist you. When reaching your target, the Mecagnome deals 5% of the damage or you dealt or of the heal you done to summon him.
    Mecagnomes dont cause pushbacks to the casting ennemies.
    Behold the Gnomish Army.
    (note : work like the ghosts of shadow priest)

    - Phase Shifter [Survival]
    When you reach 20% of your maximum total health, you shift on an other phase for 8s. During the Phase Shifting your dodge is increased by 12% and all magical damage taken are decreased by 10%.
    Cannot occurs more often than once every 90s.

    - Escape Artist [Situationnal]
    Instant, 1min30
    Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect.

    - Luminescent Blade [Fun/Utility]
    Gnomes have a preference for shortblades. Sometimes they set a gadget to their weapon to detect ennemies.
    When Luminescent Blade is active, your main-hand weapon becomes luminescent if a Horde's member in PvP Flag status is present.
    Luminescent Blade has a 100 yards range detection. Requires Dagger or One-hand sword.
    Doesn't work in instanced zones.

    - Teleportation Engine [Fun/Utility]
    Active, 2 hours cooldown.
    You place a Teleportation Engine at your location.
    Use again to teleport yourself at your Teleportation Engine.
    Your Teleportation Engine disapears if you enter on a loading screen.
    Doesn't work in instanced zones.

    Night Elf :

    - Quickness [Damage/Heal/Physical Survival]
    Increases your attack speed and cast speed by 1% and your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks by 2%

    - Dryad's Bless [Magic Survival]
    Kaldorei are allied with nature beings and childrens of Cenarius.
    Dryads are part of them. They blessed Night Elves, decreasing all damage dealt by spell they take by 1%.

    - Shadowmeld [Situationnal]
    Instant, 2min.
    Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. Any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of this effect.

    - Moon and Forest [Fun/Utility]
    Blessed by Elune, and accustomed to live in forest, Kaldorei becomes very discrete during the night or when traveling in a woody region.
    Reduces the aggro radius of ennemies on you by 50% from 8h p.m to 4h a.m or when you are located on Ashenval, Elwynn Forest, Silverpine Forest, Duskwood, Sanglethorn, Eversong Woods, Teldrassil, Feralas, Felwood, Terokkar Forest, Grizzly Hills, Crystalsong Forest, the Jade Forest or Krasarang Wilds.
    Doesnt work in instanced zones.

    - Wisp Spirit [Fun/Utility]
    Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 75%.

    Dranei :

    - Heroic Presence [Damage]
    Increases chance to hit with all spells and attacks by 1%.

    - Gift of the Naaru [Heal/Survival]
    Instant, 3min cooldown.
    Heals the target for 20% of their health over 15 seconds.
    Gift of the Naaru has one charge for an ally and one charge for yourself.

    - Surge of Justice [Situationnal]
    When you are afflicted by a harmful effect that may break with damage, the requisite amount of damage that breaks the effect is reduced by 70%.
    The reduction is only about 10% for boss abilities.

    - Demophobic [Fun/Utility]
    Dranei hate all demonic and unholy being. Destroying those evil creatures provide them will and courage.
    After you killed a demon or an undead ennemy, your movement speed is increased by 50% for 5s.
    Doesnt work with pet of Death Knight or Warlock players.

    - Voice of Light [Fun/Utility]
    Instant, 2 hours cooldown.
    You sing with a voice of light, soothing your allies and granting them the Well Fed buff, increasing their strenght, intellect, agility or stamina by an amount depending of their level.
    Doesnt work in arena and while in combat.

    Worgen :

    - Viciousness [Damage/Heal]
    Increases critical strike chance by 1%.

    - Bestial Fury [Survival]
    When your health is below 50% of his total maximum, Bestial Fury becomes active.
    When Bestial Fury is active, you create an absorb shield on you equal to 3% of the damage you deal or heal you done.
    Cannot exceed 10% of your maximum total health.

    - Darkflight [Situationnal]
    Instant, 2min cooldown.
    Activates your true form, increasing movement speed by 40% for 10 sec.

    - Two Forms [Fun/utility]
    Instant, 1,5 cooldown.
    Transforms you between human and worgen forms. You will revert to worgen form in combat.

    - Running Wild [Fun/Utility]
    Drop to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal.

    ( 3) Pandaren : no change )
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    How about creating a talent like system for ratialls?? Something like giving 3 tiers of talents, and i will explain.

    All current nature damage and similar ratialls would be romoved.
    Alliance ratialls are normally about avoidance, whille horde tend to be about extra DPS, why not giving boths sides a tier of talents were you could choose betwin 3 avoidance spells and another tier were you could choose betwin 3 dps spells, and another one were you could choose betwin a utility spell.

    I tend to play with nelfs, because i just can't stop loving shadowmeld (even it as a limited utility for non-rogues), and idea for some talents for nelfs...

    A DPS talent idea:
    Bowmaster - Allows you to use a bow(it could be something like worrior's throw, no need to have a phisicall bow) and shoot it 3 times in a row, 3m CD

    A utility talent idea:
    Tamer - allows you to tame a beast and use it as a mount, only usuable over beast of the same level. (wolfs/bears/horses)
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    i really like the thought that you put into these reworks. im sure there will be people who hate it completely. and they think what we have now is the perfect compliment. but yah im not buying it. i want racials that matter again. i want something fun for each race. looks are very important to me. but so is the racials. it used to be interesting to choose one race over the other, but with the intro of goblins and worgen and now pandaren, they were given much more thought and flavor then the older races.

    pack goblin (the mobile bank) is fun, rocket jump/rocket launch, fun. forgive me i dont like alliance races but im sure worgen got fun stuff too. and then the racials for pandaren, just totally make my BE girls feel insignificant, few extra points to enchanting, blah. AoE silence/resource gain, boring. and arcane resistance, lol what? yah thats all. kinda pathetic. other races feel left out also.

    would love to see a complete redesign of racials for older races. they need unique flavor again.
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    I do realize that this is an internet forum full of morons, however in real life, no one questions me, people look to me for the answer, look up to me, trust me. To have dipshits on a video game forum question me, is insulting.

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    How about creating a talent like system for ratialls?? Something like giving 3 tiers of talents, and i will explain.
    It is not a bad idea but this would increase the importance of racial traits in the game, which was not my goal. I just wanted to balance a bit more the current system and remove stupid things that work with some classes and not others. Talented racials woud increase the focus of players on them, and since it is impossible to balance them completly, it woud generate whines... In fact I think that Blizz is afraid to change the current racials because it would place a spot on them. I dont see other reasons.

    i really like the thought that you put into these reworks.
    Thx for your encouragement Sinndra.

    Any other comments ?

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