Hello there, MMO-champion Minecrafters!

A few friends and I wanted to build something large. Something stupidly large. Something utterly humongous. We had some trouble deciding, but suddenly the idea hit: We are going to build RMS Titanic.

But not just a regular, boring RMS Titanic 1:1. Those have been done a million times. I am talking Royal Mail Steamer Titanic scale 3:1, that is, it takes three blocks in Minecraft to cover a meter in real life.
It took some calculation and scaling down, since I ad first considered 5:1 or even 4:1, but with where the ocean starts, the draught, and the fact that the height of the masts are not so easily found (most height measurements go only to the funnels), we reached the conclusion of 3:1. And that's large enough, I daresay.

Just to figure out the size of this thing, I have now boxed in a lovely 809 x 87 x 128 box of air, and that is just above water. Do I believe we will ever finish? Hahah, no. Do I want to give it all we got anyway? Hell yes!

But then there's the trouble with draining the ocean. We are playing on survival, just to hate ourselves, and that'll prove a serious hassle. However, while we dry out the thing we need to figure out how to exactly build this, and this is where I hit trouble: noone seems to agree.
I have found several cutouts, several descriptions, several pictures of the ship, of how it looked inside out, but I cannot seem to find information that agrees. Some sources say it was nearly a box when looked at from the front: with a flat bottom and flat sides all the way up to the deck. Others, however, present the ship as curvy as one might imagine a stupendously huge ship. Not to mention the insides, where people seem to agree only upon the engine rooms, as far as I have found.

Could anyone help us? Has anyone found reliable sources about the curving of the hull and the placement of the rooms and features (furnishings would be a huge plus, too)? If you have, I'd be very happy to see, and you'll receive a lot of smilies and *hugs* from me. <3