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    Official anti-shaman post?

    I was looking at the shaman announcements and saw this

    Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    Thoughts on Ele/Enh gettings totems back while blanketed? The nerf was class wide when aimed at Resto only, pretty careless...
    I've said before that we didn't like it for any shaman. Not okay for a weakish PvP spec to be annoying. That affects everyone. (Source)

    Seriously offended by this.We pour our blood sweat and tears into Enhance PvP and all we get is "weakish PvP spec is annoying"
    I was making a philosophical point, not a shaman point. The argument was "we need this broken thing in order to be viable." (Source)

    it wasnt broken, it was unique. Remove blink too gc, mechanically its retarded to have short cd trinket.
    Broken vs. unique is subjective, which is why we make the calls instead of leaving it up to the community. (Source)

    dont you think druid shapeshifting is also broken, if totems were? why double standards?
    Mechanics working different isn't double standards. It's mechanics working differently.

    Now i give out my fair share of complaining but this is kinda scary.

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    Conspiracy theory stuff isn't going to work out well. Closing this.

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