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    Why is Talisman of Bloodlust so Bad?

    I just got the LFR version of this trinket on my enhance shaman, and this thing in my opinion is just terrible. I can hardly ever get above 2 stacks with this thing; even in ascendance mode.

    No agility users are even using this trinket right now at end game, which probably shows that this thing is just terrible.

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    I don't know about Shaman but there's some gimmicky Hunter haste builds that use it. That said it's still not that good.

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    im lucky if i get 2 stacks as dps monk that dual welds

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    only 2 out of 5? ouch ya then it would suck.

    the problem with the trinket is it uses RPPM which means your chance of proc ing is shit until 10 secs have past

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    Current tier of trinkets is one of the most interesting - you need to adapt your personal playstyle sometimes. To make the biggest use out of Talisman, you surely need a Haste build. Not sure about Enh Shamans, but I think with Flurry and such they have even higher Attack per Second then hunters, so this trinket can be potentially very usefull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edds View Post
    im lucky if i get 2 stacks as dps monk that dual welds
    Enhance Shaman duelwields too. So your luck is up there with him lol

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    I think i got a 5 stack 1 time in 3 weeks on my Enh Sham. Had Asc, lust, SL, and dogs out. That was the ONLY time i have ever seen able 2-3 stacks.

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    I was thinking about using some valor upgrades on it, but now I'm not even gonna bother. I mean even switch back to my DMF trinket.

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    I get 5 stacks numerous times a fight on my combat rogue and according to elitist jerks combat guide it is currently BIS for combat. Yes mut pulls more, but blizzard has decided to not give me a single dagger this tier so I make due with what I get.

    Its probably because I have a crazy fast auto-attack though and on top of that am SS'ing or RvS'ing every GCD. A GCD that is shortened by adrenaline rush and my 4 set piece.
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    Remember that the higher the ilvl and the higher your haste, the more often that trinket will proc.

    I'd say a 549 heroic thunderforged upgraded Talisman could potentially be godly.

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