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    Share videos of your warrior here!

    I'd love to see this thread grow with loads of videos with your warrior. Let's stay positive and don't talk shit about eachother. Everyone's playing in their way. You could still help out and give tips but let's stay friendly.

    I've made a video which I'd like to share with you current or future warriors. It's nothing fancy and I haven't really spent time editing with like slow motion and zoom effects on crits.

    I'm mostly showing the burst of the warrior. In my opinion they have really bad sustained damage. Either you kill someone with your CD's, or you'll have to play safe until they're up again. I'd like blizzard to nerf the burst and make like avatar and recklessness not useable together, and instead increase the damage we do without any CD's up.

    The High Heavens shall burn.

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    It isn't really necessary to start a warrior-specific video thread when we have these:


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