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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    First of all, this guy wasn't Uther's mentor "He harbors deep hatred toward his former mentor, the late Uther the Lightbringer" - Uther was HIS mentor, also it never states that he actually became a full member of the Silver Hand, it only states that he was once Uther's pupil. Oh and he's also the ONLY full-blood elf that we know of who might have been a member, making him the exception of the rule.
    I mixed my words up, let me fix that, my fault. And my reasoning is that he would have been a High Elf while training under Uther due to Blood Elves not existing as a race yet, since this most likely would have taken place before the Third War and the fall of Quel'Thalas.
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    [QUOTE=Venziir;20422200]The Alliances has 3 options of being Shaman - While the Horde has 5. The difference there is 2.
    The Alliance has 3 options of being Paladin - the Horde has 2. The difference there is 1.

    What I'm saying is, IF Alliance received another race that could be shamans, they had 2 more options than Horde for being Paladins.

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    Don't worry, it is just a question of time until they remove all class/race restrictions and we will see Tauren Roques and Forsaken Paladins...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Well, the orcs power and ability to commune with the elements and the ancestors most likely came from consuming the waters from Oshu'gun, the water which was infused by the dying Naaru inside the vessel - in other words VERY HOLY water, so the idea of an orc paladin or pobably rather a "spirit warrior" really isn't that far fetched.... Or they could learn how to channel the powers of the Sun from the Tauren.
    There was also eitrigg, the orc closely befriended with fordring. They shared lots of ideals, especially honour and justice. Fordring could've teached a few things about the light, and eitrigg, as a diplomatic act, handed it down to his people, for better understanding of the way of the humans or something.

    Orcs already had those ideas about honour (especially their ancestors spirits) and leading good lives long ago. Not that far fetched for them to reconnect with the naru and stuff. The idea of holy magic is to believe in the good cause I'd say, and I dont see how there wouldn't be orcs embodying that idea.

    Also, there is Me'dan, son of Garona and Medivh, who is only a quarter orcish, but still, among shamanism and arcane powers, he also manages to weild the light. With this we can be certain that orcish dna doesn't contaminate you to be unable to weild holy powers. Hell, Garona and he have greenish skin (indicating that garona participated in the drinking of the blood of mannoroth), so there is still a taint of fel magic (and if that doesn't make you unable to use divine powers, I dont know what would).
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    Honestly Night Elves have more affinity for nature and seem like the best choice.
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    Half trolls banished from the tribes join the alliance?

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