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    Not a huge fan of adding old world races into the factions. I'd like to see some guys that come out of no where. Ogres, high elves, and murlocs just seem to be steps backwards. If the next expansion really is Burning Legion, lets see some new demons, maybe a group that dissents or an experimentation gone wrong, just something "new" from a lore and appearance perspective.

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    High elves or vrykul for alliance, saurok/drakonoid or some kind of reptilian race for any faction. I'd definitely like to see a reptilian race more than the other two.

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    I feel like I post this once a week >_<
    Ogre and Hozen for the Horde.
    Furbolg and Jinyu for the Alliance.
    And of course there are sub races/re skins...high elves, revantusk, taunka, kurenai, ect....

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    Naga, ethereals and vrykul. Never going to happen imo, but would like, yes.
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    I'd be ok with Alliance (finally) getting their High Elves if the Horde could get something equally cool, such as the Nathrezim. It would tie in perfectly with the new Burning Legion theme. Alleria coming back and rejoining the Alliance, and her High Elves. The Horde gets a faction of the Nathrezim to join them and help overcome the Legion. Boom, everyone is happy.

    If they made Draenei work they can make the Nathrezim just as well.

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    i think the hozen/jinyu are a one-off race for pandaria like the oracles/frenzyheart conflict for northrend

  7. #487 Ogres, neutral like Pandaren, nuff said!
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    Horde ogres, Alliance naga. All other answers are invalid.

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