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    I don't consider people who run exclusively LFR raiders, casual raiders run normals and are probably offended by you using this term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momirmaster View Post
    the only way they could make us feel special again is go back to PRE DS where casuals had to do content 2 tiers after us.... LFR ruined anything special. We only play for the spirit of competition now.
    Even then, barely anyone did it.

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    Heroic raiders do not care when LFR is released, it coud be week 2 or week 10 of a tier. Weve already seen all the bosses on week 1. The only "special snowflakes" this affects are normal mode raiders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHellfire View Post
    Uh, what? You make it sound as if it was some kind of punishment. I'd say it's their own "fault"? I don't see what's stopping anyone from doing LFR (or normal mode, for that matter) to "see the content".

    Oooh, those poor little things. That's the price of being the elite. The rest of the world is running around, having fun, while you're ... not having fun?..

    Wow, dude, who hurt you that much?

    Do you even realize the ridiculousness of that whole post? For the record, I don't have any problem whatsoever with LFR being delayed or anything. I actually rather welcome it. I just find it unbelievably funny that you started your post with , and then proceeded to write this hilariously lachrymose lament about the hard, hard, unforgiving life of the serious raider. Nobody knows the trouble you see. Wow. Just wow.
    I could have told that to a slice of bread, and it would have understood just as much..

    First off...... I am not raiding on normal, let alone heroic mode. I am through with that part for a long time.
    I analyzed the situation by nothing more than what it is. If you ever paid close attention to the raid announcements, then you would know what Blizzards evaluation of the new raid is. I will fill you in.....
    They said, that any guild that has NOT progressed entirely through the 5.1 raids, will run against a wall past the third boss.
    Now what does that mean to our situation?
    That means, that when you look up the raid progress on WoW-Progress, you will find that not even half of the guilds listed there have cleared their way all the way up and through Terrace. Those guilds run against a wall right of the bat today. There are other guilds, who are farming heroic modes for quite a while already, and they won't have troubles. I don't envy them. They deserve that.
    I have tons of things to do, which are all non-raid related. And I am having fun with it... Just like all those other players who are the majority in the game, are having fun without ever raiding at all, including LFR. Read again, I never said serious raiders have it hard..
    For all I did was to point out that normal/heroic mode raiding is not done in one week. Not done in one night, let along in an hour. It takes weeks to progress through raid content. And whoever does so, has fun with it too..
    I am not butt hurt because Blizzard decided to simulate the time it takes to progress through the raid instance, by gating it for LFR and delay it for the segments they open. And that I made crystal clear at the end of my posting... Some LFR raiders throwing a tantrum over the fact that they cannot get in the new LFR right away.
    But their hypocrisy wouldn't hinder them if they could just clear the entire instance from start to finish, before the normal/heroic raiders are even past the second boss.

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