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    SweetFX + Battlefield 3 = Not Working

    Hello. I recently got into sweetfx for my games, and noticed it could be used with Battlefield 3. I downloaded the files and extracted them to my main battlefield 3 directory show below.


    Afterwards I load the game via the web browser, since there is no other way to launch the game and nothing is different, nothing has changed. Pause break, which is a button used to refresh the settings so you can change them on the fly, is suppose to generate a small delay indicating that it's refreshing. On my install, pause break does nothing. Screen lock, is suppose to turn the effect off and on, again.. nothing happens.

    Downloaded a custom preset for Battlefield 3 and installed it, again no difference.

    Tested the same files with Guild Wars 2 and it works perfectly. I have searched google for the past two hours for troubleshooting, and nobody else seems to have this issue. I use MSI Afterburner, and yes I have turned it off before launching Battlefield 3 with the same results.

    Am I missing something here? This should be working perfectly. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit if that matters.
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    Try turning off all forms of AA inside BF3 (both deferred and post-process). Also, if you're running Afterburner, Precision, or any other similar tool, you'll need to start the on-screen display server, create a new profile for bf3, go to General > Compatibility in settings, and enable "Enable compatibility with modified Direct3D runtime libraries".

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    I've never used the Afterburner on-screen display server, and don't even know how to turn it on. When I go to Afterburner's menu, the on screen services are all set to none and nothing is enabled. There is no clear setting or indication of how to enable this feature and bring up it's GUI.

    I've also disabled Afterburner and tried to launch the game with Afterburner not even running, and still the same results. Not sure why you are recommending I add it to a compatibility list of something that I have tested turning off completely, and yielded the same results.

    I've disabled these graphics settings in game, and still not experiencing the injection of SweetFX.

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    Alright so it looks like turning off Fraps and MSI Afterburner solves the issue of SweetFX not working, however I use Afterburner to control my GPU fan speed to keep my temps under control and cannot turn it off or my temperatures spike to undesirable levels. I am trying to turn on this On screen display thing, but having no luck. I only use MSI Afterburner for my desktop gadget, and fan control. I have never used it for anything else.
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    Q: How do I make MSI Afterburner / EVGA Precision / Rivatuner OSD work with this mod?
    A: To make MSI Afterburner work with this mod and others like it you need to :

    1) Update to the latest version of MSI Afterburner.
    2) Start MSI Afterburner.
    3) Switch to the "MSI On-Screen Display Server" window.
    4) Create a new profile for your game and change to it.
    5) Click the big wrench icon to change advanced settings.
    6) Go to General -> Compatibility properties and turn on "Enable compatibility with modified Direct3D runtime libraries".

    MSI Afterburner is now compatible with shader mods.

    You can also change the setting for the Global profile,
    but MSI does not recommend this because it might prevent some Direct3D applications from starting.

    The same (very similar) steps also work with EVGA Precision and Rivatuner OSD,
    as all 3 tools are based on Rivatuner OSD.

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