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    About shaman playerbase here on MMO

    Hello everyone! This thread might get your blood pressure rising if you just read the few first lines and draw conclusions from there, so please stay calm and try not to judge without reading the whole story. If it is too much for you then you are not contributing to the thread, Thank you!

    So almost everyone agrees that playing enha (or ele for that matter) is sort of an uphill struggle in PVP.
    I think it has been that way for since late wotlk (i swapped my main for dk soon after cata launch if it matters but doesn't it mean i care about you guys?), sure every class has had its ups and downs, be it either whole class or just 1 of their spec becoming flavour of the month in some patches. But not Enhancement... Killing up these guys in BG with my (insert any class here) feels bad because i remember how hard it was to be competitive compared to random buttonsmashing players you encounter in PvP aspect of the game as shaman. (and here i forgot about the argument i could deliver so Endus wouldn't instalock this thread as being "QQ-thread", sorry)

    When other classes receive major nerfs, the forums (be it either official or fansites) fill out with outcries calling for justice. In that time i've monitored the classbalance (since late wotlk to current), it has usually been the class playerbase who creates as much negative "noise" who gets their will trough and gets their nerfs reverted/buffed or for more recent history: arms warrior nerfed.

    But this isn't allowed here on MMO-C shaman forums, mainly because of rules sloppily stating so (and so on Endus based on his patriotic viewpoint about the discussion locks the threads and delivers warning for spreading "heresy"). In my honest opinion its sad to see (what was the opposite word for aforementioned again >_> ) desperate players, who do well on their <insert class here> come to forums to QQ about shamans sucking at something and get coldly told that "Stahp the QQ nao or i ban you!".

    Is it time to actually change the rules to allow bit more negative feedback? For example like official Blizzard forums?
    Of course blatant trollish threads "BUFF NAO! OR I QUIT!" clearly written in less than minute without any given argument what could be wrong could and should (in my opinion) be locked and point the user for more constructive feedback/less caps without giving him the warning for first time?
    Some people who love the class but play at pala... "less complicated" class level get the feel that theyre doing something wrong or the game feels unjustified for them and go rant in the forums. Feedback is feedback for developers. Be it once in a month well detailed wall of text about what is wrong with the class, posted to official forums (which some dev have said not to look at often because of limited time) OR the massive QQ outcry which will get notified atleast for being annoying (and for this i mean one or few QQ threads, not childish spam).

    Thanks you for your time and please ask for more information about my views about the class currently or anything else incase i didn't make myself clear enough to post anything negative. Sure the class is doing _fine_ in the hands of skilled players, but are they not interested to see the level where they would be if they would play more competitive class? (non-fluent english speaker here, so sorry for typos etc).

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    If you want to discuss about shaman in it's current or upcoming (patch 5.2) state in raid content/pvp, you can do it here on MMO-C. You can also ask questions from fellow shamans, give tips or discuss strategies on whatever that's linked to shamans.

    If you want to QQ or give feedback to Blizzard, use their forums.

    I don't really see the point of your post. You want to make these forums full of QQ and hate towards Blizzard? I am actually hoping for higher level of moderation here (but not the elitistjerks-style, though), and I think Endus is doing a good job.
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    This isn't going to serve any productive purpose. A few points as I close, though;

    Constructive criticism is what gets things fixed, not shouting really loud. Well-crafted arguments with solid evidence (not just "OMG look at raidbots"). Anyone is free to be critical. What gets stopped and dealt with are posts that are intended to stir up the community and create unrest by using emotionally biased language and hyperbole. Because those are the definition of "trolling".

    There are plenty of people who post here regularly, are incredibly critical of the state of the class, almost never agree with anything I say, and never get infracted. Because they're at least trying to be constructive about their criticism. QQ and raging helps nobody. The last time it got out of hand was back in the Vanilla days, with the dot shock and bus shock incidents. Those incidents were in response to an accidentally missed class review (our developer got seriously ill and the team that subbed in didn't handle it). The response to those was not to rush to provide us with the class review we'd been promised, it was to cancel that review due to the community response over the situation, so as to not even seem to be rewarding that kind of behaviour.

    I was around for that. It's a large part of why I do what I can to keep a lid on that kind of thing today.

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