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    BlizzCon 2013

    Is it safe to assume there will be a World of Warcraft expansion announcement at BlizzCon this year? Also, do you think they will talk about Titan?

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    I'm expecting titan to be announced and if we're really lucky a demo we can play
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    More than safe to assume that WoW xpac will be revealed at BlizzCon. It's pretty much guaranteed.
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    Well, hopefully something new.
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    I'm just hoping it'll be live streamed so i can watch it at home xD

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    I think they will.

    But when is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspect of Death View Post
    I think they will.

    But when is it?
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    Titan is unlikely to be mentioned except maybe some small hints, they said before they don't expect to give any info until 2014
    but the next WoW expansion is likely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowlance View Post
    I'm just hoping it'll be live streamed so i can watch it at home xD
    Yeah the last one was so I don't see why this one wont be.

    On topic: Usually Blizzard Announce an expansion at blizzcon (hypothetically) year 6
    Year 7 Blizzcon blizzard don't announce an expansion
    Year 8 Blizzcon blizzard announce next expansion.

    Every blizzcon has followed that ^ sort of routine, and as they missed Blizzcon 2012, i think it's pretty safe to assume that this year there will be an announcement.

    Personally I hope for a new burning legion type expansion, introducing demon hunters - since they want to bring back illidan aswell he'd probably train them up or event them to the elf races. Would be pretty neat.
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    I'd bet copious amounts of money and valuable goods on an expansion announcement.

    Mostly because I believe they've already outed and said they'd announce one.


    A teaser. Maybe some info if we're lucky.

    I won't be surprised if we hear nothing to very little.

    In fact, I doubt we'll get any titan stuff until 2014.
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    Yeah, it's pretty much guaranteed. Not sure about Titan, maybe a few details but I wouldn't expect anything huge.

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