So just a little background on my pvpz... I ground out ranks in vanilla, only to rank 10 because i already had an epic mount and not enough time to get higher. Arena'd pretty hard in s2 and s3, and on and off since. My highest earned rating to date is only 1700. So i was never incredibly skilled in that regard, my thoughts here are that RBGs are a different sort of beast, but do i need to be a 2200 arena player to be a 2200 RBG player?

Currently i'm running a holy pally, with zero pvp gear/experience at 90. However i have a Mage, rogue, and warrior that could become my pvp toons easily enough, i just find that i enjoy healing.

What i want, is firstly to learn what i need to know to be an effective RBG player, i know my way around all of them (unless there are specific RBG only maps/game types) except the newest MOP BGs, but what do RBG players know that i do not? Second, i want to find a group that has the ability/motivation to reach the goals i have for RBGs. Thirdly i want to see games in action, or commentated or something, so i can do some studying. Is there anyone out there with a good livestream or commentary for RBGs?

Any and every constructive comment is greatly appreciated, i have been out of the pvp circle for too long and i really want back in!