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    unholy dks are really going under the radar. spriests already have high utility and damage got an overall 5% buff(for pve reasons i guess)

    ww monks and rouges will also have high utility. ww will have very good offheals. ring of peace isnt as op as everyone thinks it is, ive seen it in action. rouges can now pretty stick to any target forever(lol teleport thru pillars+KS). pair one of those with a high output class like hunter or warrior and shit will get real.

    imo meleecleaves are back and are gona hurt big time.

    any combination of rouge, ww monk, dk, warrior, + healer will hurt. with rouge and disc buffs RMP will be back with vengeance next season.

    im disc and ill be happy to heal any of those and get carried lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    He's talking PvP, look at the forum you're in.
    Druids pvp heals are good and are getting a buff, Balance druids are getting a buff next patch and still will be wanted, and druids are still going to be good tanks in rbgs. I am not talking about exactly arenas but rbgs. Name another class that can dps, damage and tank as well as a druid can?

    He asked the most powerful in all forms of pvp.
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    Druid healing is the worst at handling burst, and the 10% buff won't change that. The problem is that once we've used tree, we have little left. Ironbark, Swiftmend (13sec CD, heals for less than a Holy Shock), hard-casting Regrowth (Which is like waving a giant sign around going "PLEASE INTERRUPT ME"). LBx3 + Rejuv is good over time, but against burst, it doesn't suffice. Buffing your LBx3 from 7k/sec to 7,7k/sec won't change that. Druid healers are viable, but that's due to their CC more than their healing. There's a reason "Force ToL, wait for it to end, kill someone/the druid" is often said.

    Balance is almost exclusively wanted for RBGs though a few make it work in arenas, Ferals are good in arenas but unwanted in RBGs, and Guardians are, again, wanted for -some- RBG teams as carriers.

    As for naming other classes that can do any of damage, tanking and healing as well as a Druid can, take a look around at any other class. Druids are not in some position of overlords of PvP which you apparently seem to think. Plenty of classes can do anything a Druid can just as well, or better, in a lot of cases. Druids aren't bad, but they're not overpowered either.

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    After reading some of the responses here about WW Monks, especially saying they have good off-heals, is downright laughable. They'll be good, but nowhere to the point that people are saying.

    They got:
    Damage Buff (through mastery change)
    Extra Trinket
    Paralysis 20 yard range baseline (and non-dispellable) - this is the best change they got
    Ring of Peace (although they have to drop Leg Sweep to get it)
    ToK and Chi Wave not needing chi
    Storm, Earth, and Fire (no real impact on PVP)

    They lost:
    Healing was nerfed by more than half (double CD and healing nerf)
    Spear Hand Strike silence down to 2 seconds (from 4)
    RSK nerf to debuff
    Spinning Fire Blossom nerfed

    Monks main issue was survivability in 5.1. They gained a little bit with the warrior nerfs, but absolutely lost a metric ton with the self-healing gut.

    TLDR; Monks won't be as good as people say, Thug Cleave will be awesome, Spriests took too much of a nerf, and Frost Mages will still be very good.

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    I hope mages can stick to their traditional place. Always highly viable, but leaving the nerf-bat threatened FOTM spot above them to some other random class.

    Mages have like a subscription or a permanent seasonal ticket for the sub FOTM spot (which is good, or the best there is).

    Well, I'll learn soon enough, my mage is 75 atm, should be ready soon.

    (btw. I'm wondering that this thing hasn't been closed yet... ^^)
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    Monks will be incredibly frustrating to deal with. #1 MoP mistake

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    Melees: rogue, monk

    ranged: ???

    healz: Holy paladin again for a change.

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    There's no thing such as a best class. While some classes will do a lot better then others, you can't just narrow it down to one. The power of a class really depends on how well they work in every situation, with how well they work with other partners, etc...
    If I should just keep it to dps classes, it's pretty obvious that the top will likely be ww monks, sub rogues, unholy death knights, frost mages and shadow priests.

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    Seeing a lot of Monks and Rogues posts. Glad that they are both my favourite classes in terms of gameplay.

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    I am hopeful for my DK, but to those who think you can just pair a rogue with anyone and win it is not exactly true. You need someone that can peel for the rogue when needed because while they got some buffs they still fall over when you tunnel them on the PTR. If they can force the game quickly they are super strong, but the longer the game goes on the worse off they are.

    Unholy DK can play with a wide range of classes next patch though and shine. There are two playstyles you can go with, the rot playstyle and the assist style.

    The rot teams will be UhDK/Healer and one of Spriest/Boomkin/AffliLock.
    The assist teams will be UhDK/Healer and one of Hunter/Warrior.

    The rot teams will be able to peel for the DK if needed and spread so much damage that it will overwhelm the other team and their CC goes well with dots. The assist teams are basically around the DK assisting the real DPS both of which need to be able to live a little on their own for a bit because DK peels are not the best and their CC will not be messed up by disease spreading.

    Really looking forward to DK. Even in RBG on non flag spin maps going Unholy will be very strong.

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    ^ with ya there. It's hard but I'm getting the hang of unholy now. A lot of things to micro manage D:
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    I think ferals and fistweavers will be very strong, maybe OP.

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    Rogue 10> Priest 10> Druid 9> Shaman 9> Hunter 9> Mage 8> Monk 8> DK 7> Warlock 7> Paladin 7> Warrior 5

    Best to worst class 5.2. Power Level Counting all roles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    Rogue 10> Priest 10> Druid 9> Shaman 9> Hunter 9> Mage 8> Monk 8> DK 7> Warlock 7> Paladin 7> Warrior 5

    Best to worst class 5.2. Power Level Counting all roles.
    warrior ..5. lol!

    your bias; 10.

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    The warrior nerfs are not as bad as people think. It will effect the very top end of competitive PvP but by no means will it stop people getting over 2.2k easily. They are always going to get stronger as the patch progresses with scaling. Rogues and Monks wont be as big of a problem as Warriors and Hunters were 5.0. The higher skillcap and lower representation will keep it in line.
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