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    If you have a Naga or similar,

    Make a macro like:
    "Press X button"
    "Press left click on mouse"
    X = Your keybind for DnD

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    ...and if your mouse is in the upper right corner of the screen, DnD will go there. You still need to position your mouse, you're just saving a button press. Thing is, it's difficult to position your mouse in the middle of a fight without aid, that's what the big green target reticule is for.

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    How exactly is hitting the same button twice faster than hitting the spell and clicking, considering you have two hands? You can double tap quickly but I don't see how it would be faster than hitting the button and clicking almost immediately since you know, different hands and all. I mean, you still have to aim the spell with your mouse anyway. Might be a point if I had to hit the button and then click the mouse with the same hand or something, but they can be done almost simultaneously.

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