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  • Assasination

    10 23.81%
  • Combat

    5 11.90%
  • Sublety

    27 64.29%
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    [PvP] Which spec do you prefer?

    Which spec do you prefer for PvP and why?

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    Subtlety, mostly because it "feels" the most rogue like, and I enjoy the part where it asks for your attention, but not by asking you to wait as with assassination.
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    i tried assassination yesterday just for the heck of it and it felt...boring. i don't feel the spec as pvp...don't like the idea to use 2 skills (3 with the dispatch proc. not gonna mention the use below 35% because its just a small window of time compared to the fights lenght overall) and wait the rest of the time doing nothing while my energy refills.
    with sub i feel like i have more things to use and i have more control over the fight.
    just my toughts
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    The only time I liked Assassination for PvP was in TBC, Sub was better but I did enjoy Assassination somewhat, ever since pre-wotlk patch I've preferred Sub.
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    I find Assassination to be one of the most boring spec of the game, pvp wise. Sub is the 'real' rogue pvp gameplay, but Combat can be really fun since MoP - if only they could lower its waiting time between CDs, although they probably never will.

    So, don't know what to vote for.
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    Sub. It imo has a higher skill-cap and has a lot more control.
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    Hard to say between Sub and Assassination. On one hand, Assassination is slow in getting finishers up and definitely suffers in that department, but on the other Sub has a pesky positional requirement to do good damage.

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    subs control is insane, and i love it!

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    Was Assassination because it was the spec I played first time in PvP and thought it's good once more... I've never been more wrong, it's boring, you MUST HAVE rupture and Slice and Dice to do at least some damage, which is stupid for me.

    Changed to Subtlety this week(WoW week), and still don't know how to play good, learning but I like it, nice burst + nice control.

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    I gotta say sub as well. Looks and feels like how a rogue would be.
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    Us Combat Rogues are a dying breed it seems.

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    recently saw some posts on aj about how assassination can be really good for rbgs if you redirect and get your rupture on multiple targets which really shocked me. I still prefer sub, but I may give it a shot this season with all the buffs because I am mainly an rbg player.

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