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    Loot Scenario

    From the Patch Notes:

    Heroes fortunate enough to acquire a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen can bring it to the Shado-Pan on the Isle of Thunder and use it to infiltrate the fabled treasure vaults of the first emperor. Heroes are tasked with grabbing as much loot as they can within five minutes. Larger chests will have the most loot, including special keys that can be used at the end of the run for a chance at epic gear and other major rewards. Keys are awarded from rare mobs, hidden chests around the island, and from award satchels obtained by completing daily quests.
    Are there actually any datamined epics that you aquire this way? First time i've read it.

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    I have to ask, can you do it more than once per day? I mean, I have been trying to get the second one to do it again but I got unlucky or it's just impossible?

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