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    I really like different appearances for Ascendance. It is a little 'eh.'

    Glyph of Spiritual Swift: Your ghost wolf is usable in Ghost form. (while running back to your body)
    Glyph of Earthen Carry: In stead of transforming into a Ghost Wolf, you summon Earth to ride to your destination. (Works exactly like Ghost Wolf)
    Glyph of Omniscient Thunder: Your Thunderstorm ability can be targeted to a specific location. (Similar to Hand of Gul"dan glyph)
    Glyph of Everlasting Elements: Your most recently cast elemental ability continues to flow through your body. (ie, Hands continue glow with lightning after you cast lighting bolt.)
    Glyph of Surging Lava: Casting Lava Burst causes Lava to pour from your hands into a puddle on the ground beneath you.

    Just some ideas. I wish they could come true.

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    I really like the Sentry Totem idea, I want my Sentry Totem back :<

    Glyph of Astral Recall: Removes the current version and changes into this. The power of the element of Air, Fire, Water and Earth swirls around you while you cast this spell. Can be used in combat.

    Glyph of Totems: Placing a totem will make it look like the original totems (before Draenei existed).

    Much love to Indicate for creating. Eis' work

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    So many great ideas in this thread, I wonder how the brainstorming for shaman glyphs went at blizzard.

    Employee 1: We need to make some fun Shaman glyphs, guys!
    Employee 2: How about we let shaman ghost wolf form appear bigger and MOAR blue than usual!?
    </add .jpg of comic profs being shocked by this discovery>

    OT: How about a glyph that makes your Ghost Wolf being usable while dead. Or even make it baseline, since its a ghost wolf and you're a ghost while corpse running. D:!
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    he wants to play ele shaman but it's always fucked up, so it's a state of permanently insulted, i understand that feeling as an ele shaman.

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    I was going to post a similar thread to this a while back on the WoW US forums, but never got around to it. There's some really awesome ideas here, especially

    Quote Originally Posted by Zixan View Post
    Glyph of Spiritual Swift: Your ghost wolf is usable in Ghost form. (while running back to your body)
    Quote Originally Posted by Craakar View Post
    Glyph of Magma Totem: Adds a lava pool effect to the radius of Magma Totem.
    here's what I came up with:

    Glyph of Hypothermic Elements (Minor) - your Frost Shock floods your target's cells with frozen water, turning them a dark shade of blue for the duration.
    ^ fun/looks.

    Glyph of the Frozen Gradient (Minor) - your Frost Shock now slows the target by 75%, but the target gains 10% speed every 1sec for it's duration.
    ^ useless for Frozen Power-specced Shamans, but a different playstyle for others - the 1sec or harder slow could mean the difference to save yourself from that killing melee blow, or escape out of range, at the loss of duration. Shouldn't stack with Unleash Frost, would just slow the target to 70% for the duration as UF usually does. Note that 75% would balance halfway (default Frost Shock is 50% slow for 8 sec, 3 sec in, it will have the same slow, then after that less - more slow for 3 sec, increasingly less for 5, making it a nerf and situational advantage = balanced?).
    0sec = 75%, 1sec = 65%, 2sec = 55%, 3sec = 45%, 4sec = 35%, etc to 8sec = 0%.

    Glyph of Thermal Currents (Minor, Elemental) - when you cast your Lava Burst, you rise up into the air a short distance. Lava Surge will not cause this effect.
    ^ like the Ascendant form animation, but in your typical form. For looks/fun. Only procs on hard-cast Lava Bursts, and not on Lava Surge instants, to prevent spam.

    Glyph of the Astral Pack (Minor) - causes your Ghost Wolf and Feral Spirits to phase between the physical realm and the spiritual realm when moving.
    ^ basically visual animation identical to how the Wind Traders from TBC move, with that semi-teleport. Shouldn't affect PvP much, since if your target is in Ghost Wolf form, they aren't casting and unlikely to be that much of a threat - you also still have the red circle underneath them moving normally. Perhaps just add a porting copy of the wolf moving behind the actual character, who stays the same.

    Glyph of the Fountain of Life (Minor) - gives your Ancestral Spirit a watery appearence.
    ^ causes water to burst from the centre of the body like a spring as you rezz.

    Glyph of Astraphobia (Minor, Elemental) - removes the slow effect from your Thunderstorm.
    ^ for AOE MC effects on bosses such as Spirit Kings, Cho'Gall. We kindof need this. (Astraphobia = a fear of Lightning.)

    Getting Sentry totem back would be an amazing day. I doubt very much however that they would ever had more beam effects to us, due to visual overcrowding in raids/dungeons.

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