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    Dark Simulacrum Throne of Thunder

    Anyone who has compiled a list or anything for Dark Simulacrum use in Throne of thunder?

    Would be handy if anyone did.

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    I highly doubt there is much it can be used on in the raid, same as it were in past raids. It is more a PVP utility spell and not of much use in PVE. In the past when uses have been found in raids they were usually an oversight by devs and quickly fixed. You may be able to use it on trash but that would be the best case scenario.

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    was some sitations in 5.1 raids where it was usefull, tho mainly Mind Control mechanics and Protectors.

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    i think you're exaggerating useful for gimicky

    I haven't noticed (or even tried) anything yet

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    Well Protectors lightning did crit for 500k+ wich is a nice extra damage to get in, especially with Dark Simulacrum Glyph.

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    I play a Blood DK, but on Council of Elders, wouldn't Dark Simulacrum be amazing when as unholy, stealing the shadow priest lady's Wrath of the Loa, when she's empowered. It does shadow damage, so, like Hagara and frost dks, it should be boosted by unholy mastery. You might only get one per empowerment phase, maybe two with glyph. It does 140k according to the dungeon journal, so not bad for a handful of RP.

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    I haven't cleared Throne of Thunder yet, but i havent really seen anything you can dark simulacrum.

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