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    Question Question about reforging : Need 3 different stats cap

    Hello guys,

    With the recent changes on hunters, i decided to use now my old favorite spec of all times, MM !

    I'm now trying to reforge my gear to get 3 different cap : the expertise cap, the hit cap, and an haste cap (around 9%, 3964 hast exactly).

    But i'm having troubles. Reforge lite only allows me to set 2 different cap, and wowreforge doesn't seem to notice that you have upgrated some of your items.

    Mr. Robot is giving me weird result (it don't hit or expertise cap, it's its policy and the result if you're trying to force it are flagged as inaccurate) plus i'm not really sure what to put in the "soft cap" columne (it must be below 1).

    Any advices please ?



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    Reforgelite has an option for me to set the values of reforgable stat, you just need to check the box next to the stat. You may have to go to advanced settings, but you can even set value amounts for each stat before and after your cap.
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