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    Patch 5.2 Lore Scrolls - Locations + Cinematics

    Hello guys, I made a video of the locations for the new Lore Scrolls (Lorewalkers story scrolls) and also for the new cinematics they have once you get all scrolls from a set.


    The Zandalari Prophecy (shows why they came on Pandaria and switched their leader):

    Gods and Monsers (shows us the history of the Mogu and what the Titans were for them):

    Rumbles of Thunder (shows us part of the story of Lei Shen and why he chose to be the Thunder King):

    I advise people that like lore to read the scrolls. I would like to read them myself (as in record myself reading them) but they are so beautiful I would actually ruin them and that's not something I would like to do.

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    Not going to lie but I expected people to be a bit more interested in the lore D:.

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    Ohh, nice... will be some quick achieves/points as soon as the patch releases.

    ...now i just need to find the best route to get these and as many of the rare spawns as possible after the servers comes back up
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    Awesome upload

    I love watching cho read the scrolls, blizzard did an amazing job with them, his tune and delivery sets the mood for the patch

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    Thank you very much.

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