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    [PvP Shadow] What to switch out Mind Spike glyph for?

    Hey everyone. I could use some help here. In pvp, Glyph of Mind Spike now seems fairly useless. Am I overestimating the nerf?

    What should I replace it with? Any thoughts?

    I was thinking Glyph of Mind Blast, but I crit so rarely that I'd rather just stick with Mind Spike on those rare occasions I hard cast it. Like never. I'm just flummoxed and since I have kids, I don't have the time I used to test things out.

    In advance, thanks!

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    I went with the glyph of inner fire as shadow. It's something like 9% less physical damage taken. Not bad if you ask me considering how many monks, rogues, warriors and hunters are out there.

    There's a lot you can try out as shadow for PvP. Glyph of fade, glyph of VE too maybe? It all comes down to what you will be facing in Arenas or wherever you PvP.

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    I've tried out a ton. Started with Reflective Shield, but that ends up being about 20k. Tried PW:S healing, but the same. I used the Weakened Soul (-2 seconds on Weakened Soul) and stuck with that a bit. There's just not much I'm happy with. I'll continue trying stuff out and try the Inner Fire one today.

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    Personally I'm running mass dispel, dark binding and mending at the moment. That extra big mending heal helps, and being that mending buff goes away on any hit it's less likely to be hit with a dispel/spellsteal then our bubble or renew in a mid combat situation. At least that's how I find it to be. A glyph worth looking into that hasn't been mentioned yet would be death if you're good with the timing for the CC break.

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    I'm not doing any "serious" pvp(RBG or Arena), but I use Fade, Dark Binding and replacing Mind Spike with Inner Fire. I usually have trouble with melee, and it will help a bit when soloing old content aswell :P
    Inner Sanctum and Mending are probably better though.

    Edit: I really hope they revert this change though, because I love that glyph.
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