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    PvP Class Squishiness chart

    What do you guys think is the squishiest class in wow for pvp?

    mine goes

    5.rogue (as of now and 5.2)

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    wait.. hunter is #2?! i am confused by this list.. how is warrior not #9/10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHwip46 View Post
    wait.. hunter is #2?! i am confused by this list.. how is warrior not #9/10?
    its a list of fastest to kill, im surprised paladin is 7th

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    Paladin should be higher, warrior should be lower, rogue can swing from the top to the bottom depending on how many cooldowns are available.

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    Right now i'd put warrior at the 10th spot, hunter is about right. rogue and paladin (ret anyway) should be higher
    edit: why is dk at 9? if you honestly think a dk is harder to kill than a warrior... lol

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    I'm guessing that warlocks don't count anymore?

    And generally the list goes
    1. whatever class your currently playing.
    11. All the other classes tied.

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    mages are definitely squishier then hunters and monks

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    I like that locks aren't on the list

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    If the list was for PvE, Shamans would still be on the top, followed by Mages and Priests.

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    1. Shaman
    2. DK
    3. Paladin
    4. Rogue
    5. Druid
    6. Hunter
    7. Mage
    8. Monk
    9. Priest
    10. Warrior
    11. Warlock

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    You need to take out the tank and healing specs, and specify all other DPS specs, so there are more than 11 possibilities. Apart from that, it's hard to answer this question in general. A hunter who is successfully kiting a rogue, isn't squishy at all, because you can say that his kiting ability is a defensive thing in this case, the same as a shadow priest would profit from his shield and his shadow form damage reduction, they all increase survivability, at least under certain circumstances.

    But well, lets say the question is only about a vague feeling everybody gets in PvP, without getting too much into detail (BM Hunter PoV, random BGs):

    1. DKs: at least frost, which are the most of them anyway, drops pretty fast.
    2. Rogues: evasion sucks, but other than that they feel rather squishy (of course not counting clos+vanish+sprint, which would make them unkillable, if they decide to abort the fight for good).
    3. Mages: hmm... their survivability seems to come more from their offensive than defensive tools. Eventually I get almost all of them to use block, unless they manage to toast me faster.
    4. Shamans: don't know for sure, I do not meet many of them, as 90% seem to go resto anyway.
    5. Warriors: I see only second wind as an issue here, which you need to burst through, so you need to have your burst prepared / off cooldown to do the job.
    6. Hunters: hmm... mirror match for me. Whoever gets the first few unexpected hits wins.
    7. Monks: they do not feel that squishy, apart from that, if not paying attention, they are good at getting away with their 200 yard, 500% movement speed flying kick or whatever that is.
    8. S-Priest: takes a while to drop them.
    9. Boomkin: they kill me faster than I do, so they feel non squishy to my hunter.
    10. Ret-Pala: they feel solid to me...
    11. Ferals: Bear form is powerful, cat is squishy.
    12. Warlocks: I didn't read through the new MoP things they got, but they just don't die, no matter what I unload on them. I guess they have some super shielding talent.
    13. Tanks: almost as non squishy as healers. Meeting 600k+ HP guys which regen health based on a % of maximum health ain't funny.
    14. Healers: they are just gods and do not know the word squishiness until they are beaten by 3+ players at the same time, and then they come to complain on the forums that 3 DPS classes did "global" their healer in 30 seconds only...

    But yeah, I need to start doing duels to have an accurate opinion here, as in random BGs you don't know about the ilvl of your oponent, nor his skill level nor if he has all his CDs ready or not. I'm only confident that rank 13 and 14 are accurate, especially rank 14 is totally out of control regarding survivability.
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    Is this supposed to be
    1 = easiest to kill
    10 = most difficult to kill

    I guess the game is balanced.

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    I'm not sure if I'll look like a QQer, but we(my team and I) are always focusing on the rogue from opponent team because they're usually very squishy. And I also think that good Warlocks are hard to kill.

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    All baddies saying Warriors cant be killed? They literally have nothing untill 35% which can be nuked in a global, rendering the whole warrior survivability useless. Even in duels almost any class can stun and nuke warriors last 35% untill the heal even kicks in.

    Id say shadow priests are the most resilient group pvp spec atm, with 2 spells that are 100% life savers.

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    Putting Druid at 8 forces me to question if you only ever meet non-resto druids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortalomena View Post
    All baddies saying Warriors cant be killed? They literally have nothing untill 35% which can be nuked in a global, rendering the whole warrior survivability useless. Even in duels almost any class can stun and nuke warriors last 35% untill the heal even kicks in.

    Id say shadow priests are the most resilient group pvp spec atm, with 2 spells that are 100% life savers.
    It's almost like they have an infinite duration 25% mitigation buff, enough mobility to simply range/los anything if they aren't locked down, and 33% uptime on their stuns before you even consider shield wall, 2min parry cd, blanket mitigation banner, last stand, a fear, a disarm, and a spell reflect. It's hard to compare a warrior to a shadow priest, but warriors are more of a self-contained tank. Priests are better able to keep teammates alive.

    There's a world of difference between second wind's role in small group pvp and duels, by the way. In a duel, yes, you use defensives and cc and top off to 35% but are always in danger of being finished by big burst. In groups though, being able to just not die for a couple extra seconds is the difference between losing a game and successfully making it through the enemy team's offensive cooldowns and cc chain. Warriors are in a better position to do that than probably every other class in the game right now because they have so much availability on their defenses.

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    1. Shaman - No matter what spec you play will get damaged a lot and do not have good cds/kitabilty to back it up
    2. DK - Very squishy and is focus target alot
    3. Druid -Boomkin/Feral can not take that much damage to kill them, resto druid are a pretty good healer to focus
    4. Hunter - They can die very easily, and only have 1 cd to protect them
    5. Rogue -Recup is not healing a lot and their damage is bad(I do take damage in account for survivability) but if they do have a healer with them they can do okay
    6. Paladin - Have a bubble but after that they are easy to kill
    7. Priest -Spriest are not bad at taking damage, have a good cd and can heal themselves, disc surv is getting buffed next patch
    8. Warrior - Has a good amount of cds and second wind
    9. Monk - MW monk is very hard to kill, WW cds are not good but they can heal themselves for a good amount
    10. Mage - One of the best classes at suriving, can kite/cc easily and has a bubble(2) and absorb
    10. Warlock - I put them tied with mages, teleport is godly and they can cc and have a ton of cds

    This is my general top to bottom targets in rbgs, some of it does depend on spec but I am trying to take that into account. Rogues will be stronger next patch so they should be higher then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nazmina View Post
    I like that locks aren't on the list
    The thread starter wanted to put locks on the list but when he touched the lock the poor guy exploded into a thousand pieces. He didnt have his cooldowns ready.

    What kind of list is this anyway? Hunters might be very squishy on paper but actually killing a hunter requires tremendous effort and time unless you train him with several people.
    Warlocks might be the squishiest class in the game lacking any meaningful passive damage reduction and far fewer tools to escape from getting trained but chaining some long cds together can make them appear like a tank-class every 3 minutes.

    what kind of squishy are we talking about?

    As far as inherent survivability goes this list looks still very wrong though. Shamans on 1? Elemental maybe. enhance is quite sturdy and resto is a freaking tank.
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