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    Some Ele help please

    Hey guys so i've recently started playing shaman and have had no problems with healing as i'm a very seasoned healer. But the problem has come in when i ry to play my hybrid class and go for ele, i'm just awful. I've read the guide on this forum numerous times and still can't figure what is going wrong and probably just need someone to slap it in my face. I follow the rotation posted on the shaman forums and have a short log of a two cycle ascendance for you all as well. Any help will be much appreciated, also i do know my gear isn't the best half of it is healing gear still >.>

    The Log:

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    Well first I'd get rid of the green helm, and get your professions up!

    Do you know what you're going for? Going to keep engineering and pair it with What?

    I'll help look over in a few, just the first two things I noticed which were curious!

    Additionally, what are you using to reforge? You're well over hit cap sitting at 18%, you can definitely burn some of that way to haste or mastery.
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    dps seem fine for gear that useless, no enchants, no professions, random amount of hit, cant really say much on a dummy with junk gear.

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    Yeah i've been trying to get rid of that green helm, it just doesn't want to leave me, been running the dungeon for it since the 3rd of February, extra hit came off a trinket i just picked up that i need to get rid of, i had just picked up profs and hadn't had time to level them because we went through a server transfer and real life issues

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    brought my hit down ~2%
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