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    Dk frost 2hand: 522 pve or 498 pvp weapon?

    I have a http://www.wowhead.com/item=94758 522 weapon.
    which do you think is better for pvping, Zerat with x2 320 pvp power gems, or the tyranic 498 pvp sword?


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    Depends on the rest of your gear, but I'd say Zerat. The best way to find out is to duel someone / do BG's and try with each of them.

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    I'd personally use the pvp weapon, might change with a 541 one, though

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    i have low gear, 60% resi, 26'54% pvp power (some blues 458 pvp items, and 476 the rest), and i'm destroying people with full tyranic, i think that are bad players, a well geared/skilled player will pwn me with my current gear. want more responses

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    you sir, thanks!

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