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    Question A Different Approach On VRMMORPG

    I was looking up some stuff about VRMMORPGs (like on Sword Art Online, not just Oculus Rift headset kinda thing) and people are all saying that our technological capabilities at the moment are insufficient for such feats.

    Has anyone brought up the possibility of a machine that could somehow put the user into a state kind of like lucid dreaming, but instead of a dream, they're in the online virtual world?

    Just trying to think of simpler ways of approaching the reality of VRMMORPGs. Please post other ideas! I would love to see what this community can think of.

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    Well sword art's idea of harnessing the brain does make sense, though internal systems and such would be incredibly fiddly. You're body is good at keeping homeostasis, but I'm not sure how good.

    What you are thinking of is the kind of thing covered in Di Caprio's movie Inception. This could be even harder for a multiple of reasons, largely because what is around you affects your dreams.

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    Give it up. You will be incredibly old or dust when society achieves such a feat.

    I know it's hard, I like Asuna to. She kicks butt, introverted, and looks good for a cartoon.

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    The main problem with Virtual Reality in general is response rate. To convince the human brain that what you are seeing is "real", it has to have an indistinguishable refresh rate from real life. All that really boils down to is the level of processing power commercially available, and all we can really do is wait until that gets to a point where we can trick the brain into believing any sort of VR game.

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