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    1/13 12/12 525 Warlock looking for a guild!

    As of this week I find myself guild-less, and in need of a new home!

    Name: Ghaltur

    Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...altur/advanced

    Age: Twenty-one.

    ilvl and progression: 1/13, 12/12 both gained from twenty-five man raiding. Item level 525.

    Spec: I can play any spec, and am fairly comfortable playing whatever spec. I usually stick to destro and affliction, depending on my mood or what I feel is best for the fight. I can play demonology to a high level, I just lack the Lei-shen trinket that maximizes the dps of this spec.

    Rotation for each spec:
    -Destro: Pop int pot, immolate and tap conflag twice. Keep Rain of Fire rolling. Pop Demon Soul and refresh immolate, then proceed to incinerate four times. Cast Chaosbolt until embers are empty or until Demon Soul runs out. Proceed with a rotation of casting incinerate with backdraft, chaosbolt with big procs or Demon Soul, and never allowing conflag to hit two stacks, whilst RoF is on the target.
    -Affliction: Pop int pot, precast haunt and hit demon soul. Soulburn soulswap dots on the target as haunt is hitting the target. Use MG twice to give procs decent time to occur and soulburn soulswap once more to refresh newly buffed dots. Haunt. Proceed to refresh dots when a dot that is more powerful than the previous dot can be cast. Only use haunt if you cap soulshards, during demon soul, or when dots with a fair amount of dots are up.
    -Demonology: Pot and precast soulfire, hitting a corruption on the end of soulfire. Hand of guldan once. Pop all cooldowns including GoServ, imps, Demon soul, engineering gloves. Cast the second Hand of Guldan and go into meta before it hits. Cast doom. Nuke with soulfire whilst in demon soul if molten core procs are up. Proceed to keep dots up, soulfire outside of meta when moltencore procs are up to generate fury. Shadowbolt/ToC otherwise.

    Picture of UI out of combat: http://i.imgur.com/6yM51wV.jpg

    Picture of UI in combat: http://i.imgur.com/izlj9Cf.jpg

    A new UI is in the making. :P

    FPS in raid: Usually it is fairly decent on all ToT fights, except it dips fairly low on Primordius. It also drops a tiny bit on Lei-Shen but nothing too terrible.

    Key-bindings: I have all my spells bound. From making a summoning stone, to defensive cooldowns, everything is bound.

    Now for story time. I have been playing World of Warcraft since late 2006. I mostly leveled alts and whatnot throughout The Burning Crusade, and did not start raiding until the start of Wrath, where I played a pally for all of Naxx and part of Ulduar. I began to main my warlock around mid tier eight and havent looked back since then. I raided somewhat casually all through t9-t10, and near the mid to end of t10 I went from Alliance to Horde, and began to mainly pvp. I think proceeded to x-fer to Deathwing Horde and PvP with BERSERKER for a time. I mostly PvP'd during late wrath and early Cata. Most of Cata was spent not playing WoW, and when I did play I only did pug groups for BH. I quit near the end of Cata and came back around six months ago. I began to raid once more near the start of ToT, and intend to keep raiding until it no longer interests me.

    Things I would prefer with a new guild:
    -Horde. I really enjoy playing as Horde and I do miss it.
    -Twenty-five man raiding.
    -Eight pm to twelve pm Eastern time, or right around those times.

    Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to look over my application! Sadly I will not be able to transfer until Tuesday due to funds and needing one last secret of the empire, that I can easily obtain from LFR. If I left anything out of this application feel free to ask, or add me on RealID if you wish.

    RealID: Sikendo#1510

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    Would you be interested in playing alliance on Stormrage?

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    I would prefer to be Horde. But I can remain Alliance if it is my best option.

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    If you are interested in 7:30-11:30 pm EST, I would like to talk with you. I sent a realid invite as traneal.

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    Hi Ghalthur -

    <Might> is a 25 man, 3 day/week guild that's currently 10/13H.

    Full Recruitment post is here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...5#post20732365

    If you'd like to talk more, you can add me at Vincent#1285.


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    Re: LFG

    I will be contacting you on REALID about Tribe - Likely tonight.
    ~ David

    Server: US-Bloodhoof - Horde
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30pm - 10pm CST
    Current Progression: 12/12 10m and 11/12 25m, plans to be pushing into heroic content in the future.


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    2/12H Tues/wed/thurs 9-12 est. 10 man horde raiding on a high pop server.

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    Simple Math of Andorhal needs a warlock for a full-time 25-man raiding position. We raid Sunday-Thursday 7:00pm-12:00am EST. We have completed 16/16 tier 14 heroic modes and 11/13 tier 15 heroic modes.

    We are a 7-year-old guild started in 2006 who has every server first on Andorhal since Karazhan. Most members of Simple Math have been active raiders for a year or more. This is one of the most stable guilds you'll find anywhere.

    You can apply on our forums or by sending an officer your application in a private message. You can also reach me through realid via my battle tag at nik#1607. Hope to hear from you soon!


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    I know your app said you prefer a 25M guild and 8PM - midnight EST, but I liked what I read and in case you were flexible, I thought I'd leave our information. We are a 10M running our raid 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) from 10 PM to 1 AM. If we do interest you at all, please add my btag (FayeFaye#1819) and send a tell.
    <Elitist> is looking for a fancy Warlock!

    If you feel you'd be a good fit, please apply.

    • 2/13 H ToT (as of 06.02.13)
    • MV 6/6 (H)
    • HoF 6/6 (H)
    • ToES 3/4 (H)

    Raid Time
    Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8 PM - 11 PM MST (10 PM - 1 AM EST, 7 PM - 10 PM PST)

    • Suicide kings
    • loot council may be used for OS gear

    A fun, tight knit, no-drama collection of grown folks who enjoy killing monsters while wearing nothing but our undies. Contrary to our name, we're not actually elitist snobs. We're a pretty laid back bunch that simply strives to enjoy the raiding aspect of WoW to the fullest. When it's raid night, it's go time! The core of our group has been raiding together at least two and a half years. We have raiders who've been with the guild over five years.

    Our approach to raiding is casual in the sense that we are always respectful of our members and their time. We understand if people occasionally have to miss raids due to RL obligations. Furthermore, you won't find crazy vent rage here. We never resort to insults or obscene language as a means of correcting mistakes. We do, however, openly discuss errors and ways to improve.

    An experienced raider with the following attributes:
    • a team player who is reliable, mature, and has a positive attitude
    • good attendance
    • knows his or her class and how to make the most of it
    • MoP experience highly preferred with at least a 510 ilvl
    • have vent and a mic

    This opening is for someone who wants to be a regular raider. You will not ride the bench. We rotate people through progression. To keep it fair, we do this by first asking for volunteers, then in case no one offers to sit, we'll /roll for a switch.

    Further Details
    Be aware: Nathrezim is a low population PVP server. So, if you're from a big place like Kil'jaeden or Illidan and are interested in being somewhere similar, to put it kindly, this is a bit different.

    Please fill out an application COMPLETELY at our site - http://elitist.guildlaunch.com. There is an "apply to guild" link at the left side of the site. We very much appreciate when people take the time to be thorough.

    If there's a general issue I didn't cover, please leave a response here. Also feel free to whisper me in game @ FayeFaye#1819.

    If you managed to read through all that, thank you much! And look forward to your app!

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    Hello Ghaltur!

    If you are still in the market for a new home, please consider Pound Town! We are a stable, friendly, yet progression-oriented 25-man guild on the Blackrock server (high pop., horde dominated) that raids 2 nights a week (T/Th, 9-12 EST) and is comprised of adults (working professionals, students). We are currently 2/13 H with Ji-Kun to sub 20% on our first night of progression and Horridon to the last (post-doors) phase. We have an IMMEDIATE need for a solid warlock for a core position in our roster. If you think we sound like a good fit, please feel free to check out our website and apply at poundtownguild.com, contact our officers Lundraxx, Broukz or Faids in game, or add me via Btag (Cherry#1451)!

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    My 25s guild meets your time and size preference....although we're alliance. But we need a 2nd lock very badly so please check us out!

    <Outlandish> - 25m US-Velen

    Our raid times: 9 hours per week. We raid 6pm-9pm PST, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    Progression Status: 7/13H

    Server Details: Velen is PvE with a medium-high population, with a fairly balanced Alliance to Horde ratio (1 ally: 0.7 horde, roughly). Server time is pacific time but is physically located in New York. Velen was created in BC, but has steadily climbed in server rankings with every expansion.

    Why choose Outlandish? What makes this guild special?

    - Efficiency: With only 9 hours, we get as much real raiding done as possible. People voluntarily clear trash early so that we’re pulling the boss right at 6pm. With skilled, self-reliant, and prepared raiders, we do not waste time!

    - Community + History: Outlandish has been around since 2009 and is the largest active raiding guild on the server. We recruit only mature players, including many old fogies and couples in their 30s, so drama is not a thing that happens here. We have had 4 guild “meet-ups” thus far at Blizzcon, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. Basically players never leave the guild unless they’re leaving the game!

    - Non-raiding activities: As many of our members are dedicated achievement hunters (25 members currently have more than 15k achievement points), there are always people ready and willing to do PVP, old raid content, challenge modes, and everything else.

    Our Expectations: You should be an amiable, fun person to play a game with on a regular basis. You should be flexible and be capable of taking and giving suggestions without getting defensive or angry. You must notify us of all upcoming absences so we can plan ahead. You must be tolerant of diversity and eager to play in a big community.

    Bottom line: if you want a long term home that does epic 25 person raiding without making you raid more than 9 hours/week, this is an ideal location! Please apply at our website and we’ll contact you about having an interview on our Mumble server.

    Contact us at our website (apply here!): http://outlandish.dkpsystem.com
    Or an officer in person for questions: Gistwiki (Gistwiki#1686,) Morwen, Sappho, Park, Dukc, or Ellamist (ellimist113#1794)

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    I'm Orphie of Steadfast. We're a 10m late night raiding guild on Silvermoon - US - Horde. We're currently looking for a ranged DPS and you may fit the bill. I was wondering if you'd like to speak with either myself Orph#1909 or our guild leader Asllana#1512. Our raid times are Tue/Wed 9:30pm - 12:30am PST & 9:30pm - 11:30am on Sunday.
    If you're interested just whisper one of us at some point and we'd be glad to talk with you. We're recruiting for immediate involvement.

    Thank you,

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