<God Mode> is recruiting!

We are currently building an entire raid team from scratch and we'd love for you to be a part of this new team.

About us:

We are a 2-year old, lvl25 guild on the US-Ghostlands realm, that once raided 10 Normal/Heroic back in Cataclysm. However, shortly before Mists of Pandaria was released, many of our raiders switched factions, moved to other servers, or simply quit Warcraft altogether. Though no fault of anyone in particular, our core raiders were simply ready to do something else. Such is life.

Our guild went stagnant during the MOP launch and hasn't really been very active since (although there are still a couple of us with extensive MOP raiding experience). That has all recently changed! The GM (Real ID: Kimsey#1914/ In game: Kimséy) and the CO-GM (In game: Vindicattor a.k.a original guild founder) have decided to recruit an entire new roster for 10 man raiding in patch 5.3 and beyond. We were once a great raiding team and we want to surpass our former glory!

A founding principle of this guild is, and always will be, leading from the front. The GM/CO-GM are both USMC military veterans and we believe that the guild leadership, to include its officers, are responsible for the training and equipping of the guild in order for everyone to be successful. You can expect the GM and CO-GM to always lead raids, dungeon heroics, old raids for practice, achievement runs, and constant instruction on new raid content and/or class mechanics (if necessary).

What we need:

Everything and everyone!

Specifically looking for both men and women who want to raid (we enjoy diversity... married couples and family members welcome!). Previous raiding experience (even if that experience is limited to pre-MOP raids) is definitely encouraged but not absolutely necessary. Whether you are almost 90, just hit 90, or raid regularly, we want you to be part of this team. I would rather recruit someone onto my team who has no experience and is willing to learn, rather than someone who thinks they know everything and has a bad attitude. So if raiding is something you even think you are interested in, come check us out and I guarantee it'll be awesome!

Raid Times

•TBD based on the needs of the members! Take this opportunity to assist us in creating a raid schedule that fits YOUR real life schedule and never miss a raid again!

Role Specific Needs


Recruitment Contacts
If you have any questions, please ask. Below are the contacts for the GM/CO-GM.

•Kimséy (GM)- Real ID: Kimsey#1914
•Vindicattor (CO-GM/Founder)