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    Question Renewing subscription... things to catch up on?

    Hi, I've been playing WoW since release and took a long break and was thinking about renewing my subscription. The last I played was the first/seconds week of Dragon Soul release. I have a few questions and opinions to ask to all of you about Pandaria.

    Would you recommend that I return to WoW? Is the game still fun? What are some of the major changes since Dragon Soul? FotM? Which class to level up first? Any other useful or cool information?


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    If you haven't played MoP yet, I strongly suggest you do. It's an overload of content and the area's are breathtakingly beautiful! Take your time to see everything and try not to rush through it all like most people do. My raiding days I've left behind in WotLK, so I can't tell you anything other than LookingForRaid is still the way to go for many people. Gearing up using that feature can be fun if you're in the right group. Overal, though, raiding is still an experience that, in my opinion, is best experienced with a group of friends or guildies. I prefer the warrior class, hence to answer your question what class to level would result in a rather biased answer on my part. Nevertheless, pick whatever class you like! You could try out the new Monk class. It comes with tons of new content and a really interesting new way of leveling up! Whatever you decide, I can promise you that spending a few bucks on MoP won't hurt you. The game's far from perfect, but the guys at Blizzard have come a long way; especially since the days of Cataclysm. Have fun!
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    15 bucks'll get you a lot of fun if you're just coming back now. Pandaria questing is superior and you'll have loads of new dungeons and raids to see. Plus the patch is just landing, so you'll get even more to do at level 90 than we had when MoP first launched.

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    It's still a game best enjoyed with friends or guildies, so if you come back, try to connect with some people that share some similar interests. Personally, I'm enjoying this expansion a great deal more than Cataclysm. So long as you don't feel obligated to do anything, there's a lot of things to do. If you just want to run a few dungeons, they're easy enough that pugs won't hamper you too much, but if you like difficult you can get a group together for Challenge Modes (and they are pretty difficult - even once you are practiced and coordinated with them you still really need to pay attention)

    Class? Well... play what you want to play! (I know overused answer, but it's true). Flavor of the month is kind of hard to identify this time around. There's no real clear frontrunner. Monks are still relatively low in population; Part of it is probably you have to level them up from one, and the other part is that their tanking and healing roles take quite a bit of skill to pull off right so people have a lot of bad experiences with them and stay away. I'm fine with that! I like playing and making people remember me as the 'good' monk tank or healer.

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