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    Set Bonuses

    Do we know how good our set bonuses are looking? I'm trying to decide whether I should roll on a protector token if one drops tomorrow or pass them to fellow raid members. Are there any numbers on them?

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    They're ilvl upgrades by quite a bit. Even if you have fully maxed heroic 517 gear, normal tier is a half tier higher. But I wouldn't break 4 pc BM til I have at least 2 pc in the new tier, if it was 517 vs. 522 gear.

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    even at 496 2/2 dropping 4set without gaining at least 2set bonus t15 is a loss it seems.

    You either need to shuffle around and start using t14 shoulders and drop gloves/legs in favor of t15 gloves/legs and then gain 2set that way or accept the momentary loss.
    Gloves/legs also being the first 2 pieces you have access to in 5.2 . Gloves from third boss and legs from boss 6.

    Personally im switching from elite shoulders to t14 shoulders , and will use crafted gloves instead of set . Its a minor loss , but ill be flexibally able to equip tier gloves instantly if needed at that point , and gain 2set without a big hassle
    Im only 4/16 hc myself , so I dont have access to all the good stuff anyway.

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    BM and MM will become much weaker after losing 4set. I personally wouldn't replace the T14 4set until you get T15 4set unless you're playing Survival.

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    Losing 4pc T14 as Surv isn't a big deal, for BM it is, however SV seems superior because it is easier to play for new content since you don't have the fear of fucking up CDs unlike BM when still learning the fights.

    I will personally be SV all the time, glad to get rid of BM CD spam fest, though I have to be BM for fights such as Spirit Kings where I'm supposed to AoE MC'd people or such since Dotting entire raid with SrS isn't really helpful as SV :/

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