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    i guess its becouse people know what it is by now..

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    What does this mean exactly? That less people typed "world of warcraft" into their browser? This could mean anything. Heck, it could mean more people have a closer following of WoW, instead bookmarking frequently visited fan sites like this one, or just typing in "wow" instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    i guess its becouse people know what it is by now..
    Pretty much what I was thinking. No need to Google something as well-known as World of Warcraft.

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    So what's your point? Wow is being written about less?

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    Shocking when little main stream info was out about it there were tons of searches as time passed ppl didn't have to google it to find, Thottbot, EJ and things like that and the search count dropped. This is truly ground breaking stuff!
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    Seriously another topic profetysing the death of WoW ? Shouldnt WoW have died already, if I remember correctly end of Wrath was when ppl was sure it was gona die with ICC lasting for so long, before that actualy ToC was so bad that ppl would surely never play WoW again.

    Newsflash TC, WoW is a 8 year old game theres a bazillion new games on the market ppl arent as interested in this game as they were when it launched (OMG Im shoked ppls peek of interest was on release who couldve tought). It still has over 9 million subs tough wich is like 9x more tham whihever MMO is on second place so expect it to stick around for a long long time still, also expect ppls interest to be progressively smaller and subs as well, in 5 years time itll probably be bellow 5 mil subs or so and it will still be 5x more tham whichever MMO is on second place...

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    There isn't anything to discuss on a very slanted and completely misinterpreted image.

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