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    Tips and tricks and suggestions in holy healing in 25m (Heroic mostly)

    Hi there!

    Im fairly new to the 25m raidscene, last time i raided 25m was back in fireland but then as DPS.
    Before MoP came out i rerolled Shadow Priest which came to be a healer.

    I have no problems in 10man, i feel safe and secure on what im doing. But last night in my first 25 man as healer i felt completly lost.
    I know It can take some time to get in to the new thinking and overtime I learn to use my spells in a more effective way. New guild aswell so figuring out whos melee and range and what not didnt make it easier either

    Anyhow, I post my logs and armory. Feels free to give me pointers and directions if you see something thats completly way out.
    And note, logs shows first raid in new guild along with first kill on Horridon and Tortos on hc. Will also ask for pointers with healing collegues in guild but at work now

    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...B3tsson/simple
    Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-idqxb7x9y5u5bpbp/

    Thank you!


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    Aye 25man holypriest is like a completely different class, more the layering type throwing out blind heals.

    Drop the mending glyph if you have 2 set (which you do). It's stronger without the glyph + 2-set bonus.
    Drop Renew Glyph, useless in 25m.

    Since I've only done Jin'rokhc25 so a few words on that one even though that's a poopoo fight.
    - Divine Hymn is your strongest spell and there's no reason not to use it. (Guardian spirit yourself if you're scared about death and go channel during storm) I see on Horridon that your Divine hymn healing is also very low, DH is THE key spell for a Holypriest again and should be timed well.
    -Cast more PoHs (To proc Divine insight). If you have the mana, right before a highdmg phase you could even cast PoH on a full group just to have a proc of DI ready.
    - Cascade isn't really that great in 25man, I guess a cascade fight would be Horridon but otherwise, it's between star and Halo depending on fight. This choice is also pretty important. Typical Halo fight would be Tortos, typical star fight would be Durumu.
    - Don't gem crit in chest (but I guess it's a disc chest or something).

    Not really that much wrong here, just time cds better and use the proper t90 talent.
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    Cascade is a valid talent choice for some encounters, e.g. jin'rock, horridon, twin consorts, ji'kun, dark animus. Star is the best choice for any fight where you stack for high damage phases. Halo is best for any fight, where you have big raid damage happening on a cooldown of 40+ seconds. Cascade is best for any fight, where there is not sufficient stacking, but the raid is spread out over a very large area or when you have big raid damage that is not a one off-hit. The main problem with cascade is that you have to be very smart with using it. In many fights you can use more than 1 level 90 talent successfully (there is no clear winner). E.g. on ji'kun both cascade and halo work well, but star is not.

    The main problem with cascade is that it requires very precise timing, as it takes about 5 seconds to resolve, so you need to be sure that it will resolve when the damage is still there and not after everyone healed it up.

    With holy the biggest thing IMO, is to make sure you use your mana well. Make sure you go all out when it counts the most and take it easy during low HPS phases.

    It takes some thinking and planning, don't just heal reactively.

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    Thanks for the replys guys, appriciated!
    And ye 10 and 25 man aint the same, think last nights run was healthy in the way i got the see the dmg pattern in the HC fights. With that in mind I can probably domore effective healing with a proper use of my cd.

    Will also switch more with the 90 talent, as you said, Halo is t prefer on Tortos indeed, also wacth some hc videos on that fight which indicates the same.

    Gonna be intressting to see how it goes on Just hope guild dont end my trial before I managing all this

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    Spam PoH during periods of low damage to fish for DI procs.

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