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    Are world bosses reset after 5.2 goes live?

    heyyy community! ^-^ Initially, when 5.2 first goes live tomorrow after the servers are back up, I imagine both Oondasta and Nalak(the new world bosses) will both be up and active. Can I assume this?

    ASSUMING THAT, will the both Sha and Galleon be reset and up and active as well?

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    Actually, Nalak won't be available for quite some time. Not until the end of the Island events (I think).

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    Nalak won't be available until your server unlocks the last stage of the new daily/raid island. In other words it will be a while until you can fight him. Not really sure how long it will take your average server.

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    cool thanks! aaaand as for galleon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vantricular View Post
    cool thanks! aaaand as for galleon?
    You will be able to get loot from Galleon and Sha but I don't think their timers get completely reset.

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    Galleon now respawns much more frequently, but players can only receive loot from him once per week.

    However, we've been camping the area since servers came up and havent seen him yet. So he is either broken or still spawns less frequently than Sha.
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