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    Question Best healer to level right now ?

    i just came back to wow, and i want to level a healer.

    what is the rockstar healer right now for pve ?

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    A different one than will be the "RockStar" when you manage to hit level 90. Play the healer that appeal most to your playstyle, aswell as the choise of offspecs (Tank, DPS).

    But to answer your question, atm disc priests seem to be REALLY strong.
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    Disc priests were the best in 5.2, with Holy paladins close behind. But with the nerfs comming to disc in 5.2, I suspect Holy Paladins to be the best healers.

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    I think a lot of people still overlook Mistweavers as leveling because we're sort of new. go with a Mistweaver for speed and DPS, you can mass pull like no other class (even dps or tanks) and heal yourself with damage done.

    I remember pulling mobs in sets of 15-20 in dungeons just spamming Spinning Crane Kick (massive aoe damage, massive aoe heal) making myself and the group literally invincible to death as long as we all stayed within my Crane kick. but I was in full heirlooms, too

    if youre not familiar with Monks, we do full-fledged damage with a similar rotation as standard dps'ers, and dps is converted to heals.
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    For 10 man at least disc priests will remain at the top still most likely.

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    We don't allow "What class should I roll?" threads. If you're looking for more information on the specific healing classes, I suggest checking out the individual class forums.

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