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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Hot fix buff 12 seconds before servers come up and they have been testing 5.2 on PTR for a couple months now...wut

    I guess I should't complain but seriously wut.
    I don't think this is a last minute buff (although it looks like that from player's point of view). We know they were testing lots of various SP buffs throughout, including the reverted MB buff. My guess is that they tested loads of buffs internally (MB, SW:P, maybe others we never saw) and just wanted to wait to see if SP would be good enough without it.

    Then, when it became clear SP would still be low after the MB buff was reverted, they put this in instead.

    My only rage is that this buff comes just as one of our healers becomes unavailable meaning I'll probably end up healing most of the time..

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    Sweet buff for holy dps

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    the sw;p buff didnt go live anway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by actiwe View Post
    If you are refering to PvP, this is not gonna change much for that since what make shadow so good in PvP is lining up DP with 3 orbs + mindbender + silence with dots rolling + mindblast. So this will have no impact whatsover PvPwise..
    False, You can't say it will have " No impact whatsoever" Because more damage is more damage, It doesn't matter if it's not the main source of dmg but more is better, I've had some butt squeezingly close fights lol and a few extra deeps could've turned the tide^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drye View Post
    the sw;p buff didnt go live anway.
    What? Where did you see that?

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    why dont they just buff mind flay so that the pvp trash doesnt cry again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falsified View Post
    What? Where did you see that?
    live testing

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    hmm i was doing good tonight on the first 5 bosses. if the swp change isnt live i am excited for it to be added!

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    That buff is live, SW:P now tick for more dmg than VT. I like the idea of sw being our first to cast spell, while VT used primarily for mana ( when multidotting 4-5 targets)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agness View Post
    That buff is live, SW:P now tick for more dmg than VT. I like the idea of sw being our first to cast spell, while VT used primarily for mana ( when multidotting 4-5 targets)
    For me the 25% buff for SW:P just went live following the rolling restarts, but has not been reflected in the tooltip. Can anyone else confirm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teeruk View Post
    Why would they do this? shadow's are so over powered already. Time to cancel the sub.... again
    GOD damn, just stfu already. Its people like you that bitch if they do and bitch if they dont. If you are saying that because of one buff, then you are an idiot. PLease, for the love of god, unsub, will be better with out ppl like you in game.

    BTW you just look stupid to the rest of us when ppl say stupid shit like that.

    OT: It was needed - multi target dot fights, not just the mind seer spam ones - we were falling behind quite a bit.

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    can someone confirm if the buff is live?

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    So im guessing the 25% buff to SW : P was way too overpowered.........

    Priest: Shadow Word: Pain damage -25%.
    We want the dot specs to do well in multi-dot scenarios, but Affliction, Demonology and Shadow were doing too well on multi-dot fights and are still quite competitive on non-multi-dot fights. Balance druids, so far, are where we want them to be.

    Fucking pathetic...

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltyharbls View Post
    So im guessing the 25% buff to SW : P was way too overpowered.........

    Fucking pathetic...
    Just saw this myself .... Really Blizz??!! Really??!!

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    Well... it was nice while we had it. At least they didn't revert any of the other changes as well though.

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    Blizzard giveth and Blizzard taketh.

    Wouldn't have been an issue if this whole tier wasn't an AoE zergfest. What's that 25 raid, just zerg stuff down? What's that some bosses had 10 raid HP in 25 raid? What's that we messed up on tier token drops? What's that we screwed the pooch on this raid tier?

    Blizzard buffs and nerfs classes like they are some crack-head coming off a bad trip looking for their next fix. There is no logic, reason or rhyme as to what they do these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qualia
    I'm happy we get buffed. However, this looks so much like a kneejerk last minute buff that may make us too strong on multi-doting. Hope if that happens, SWP won't get nerfed to ground...
    I knew it =)

    Well, to be fair, for a hybrid class, during the first week we certainly were doing really well on multi-doting fights, so a nerf shouldn't be too surprising. Wondering if this nerf is just to revert our buffed SWP to its original state, or it's applied to the buffed SWP, making it a -7% to original SWP damage (1.25 * 0.75 = 0.93).
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    Well except for talent change we still have ONE change that wasn't reverted yeah we're sucesssfully the most abandonned class this tier !

    even sadder 0.75 * 1.25 = 93.75%, meaning our SW:P was NERFED compared to 5.1, I don't get why would they buff it if it was to nerf it the week after release.

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    The GC giveth and the GC taketh away. Guess we shouldn't have padded so hard last week; it's kind of silly to base buffs/nerfs on the first week where people pad just because they can afford to for normals.

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