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    What do you think of the new dailies?

    I seem to remember Blizz saying they thought these dailies were somehow better than the other MoP ones ... I don't know though.

    They remind me a lot of the Golden Lotus dailies, which is not a good thing. There a LOT of them, and they seem to reward very little rep. I counted around 12 available today, which seems manageable, but once the other get unlocked, I'm thinking it might be too much. Especially for those with alts.


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    I thought they were a bit numerous, but the Saurok form was fun as hell. Loved leaping around in that. Zone seems a little clustered but I am enjoying it. Did it all in a 5 man group so that may have helped too.
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    Way better than the equivalents in Cataclysm (Molten Front for example).

    PS: To O.P., Daily refers to the number of times they become available, not the number of times you have to do ALL of them.
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