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    rep neck for blood

    So I was looking at the rep gear and am unsure of something. Of the 2 neckpieces available with strength one is parry/hit and the other is haste/mastery. My mainspec is blood and I'm undecided on which to go with. Mastery is the best stat, but haste doesn't make much difference unless you have a lot of it. I like the hit on the "tank" one, but the ToT gear has so much avoidance on it I'm sure we'll be into heavy DR towards the end of this tier.

    What do you guys think?

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    Take the haste mastery one and reforge haste to hit?

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    Just save your valor until friendly, there's 2 tank things with mastery. Unless you're capped, then just buy the dps one and reforge if needed.

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    Definitely get the haste/mastery one no matter how you look at it it's way better than a parry/hit piece.
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    What I wrote a few days ago: "Not sure about the speed at which you gain rep, but the ring is definitely a must have. To me the trinket seems solid, more passive mastery than my 2/2 hc vial and on use. I actually really like the fact that it starts out at a high dodge rating and goes down, functions as a mini (and admittedly a bit unreliable, like all avoidance) emergency button, definitely beats the proc on vial for me. Ring+trinket are also two slot items, meaning that you need two outright upgrades to replace them (and hence they might be useful for a little longer). I'm actually leaning towards picking up the "dps" neck over the tanking neck, mastery+haste over parry+hit. I'm expecting to be able to get three pieces before reaching honored, which means that the wrists get the short straw, no mastery and the protector ones are great.

    At honored and above, the hands are obviously great (and our tier hands have no mastery, I will probably use 3 offset pieces and 2 set t15), and I'll prefer the dps cloak over the tanking one. Quite shitty stats on the rest of the things, so I'll probably just spend the valor as soon as I get it, no real incentive to wait for the higher rep rewards. "

    tldr: Dps neck.

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