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    Do dailies ofc, then start camping on improved spawnrate Scourged whelpling.

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    gonna go try those Zandalari Warbringers, then new faction and bone farming. Once thunder forge opens, its cashing time.

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    Waiting until the servers come online at 8PM EST tonight, then messing around with transmogrification and dailies. Do my LFRs or pvp a bit. Whatever sinks my boat.

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    Spend my honour/JP on gear, and grind up new items. Also BG grind to fill missing gear slots.

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    log out again because I realize my addons are broken and out of date
    I smiled at this one, because I didn't think about it until i read it, but this would most probably be what i would have done without planing on it ^^

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    Dailies. /10chars

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    My plans for when the patch goes live:

    1. Update my addons and cry a little about the other ones being broken.
    2. Obtain my farm for the toons that are exalted.
    3. Change my weapon transmogs on my DK.
    4. Start the new daily quests.
    5. Possibly buy a Valor neck (since you can get them at revered).
    6. Sit on a target dummy and see how much my mage has changed.

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    Get the dailies done asap / transmog / see if any of the discounted VP gear is upgrades / listen to people whine about lack of lfr

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    Nothing, no time to play right now.

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    Won't be dailies. My PvE toon doesn't have a PVP DPS spec, so its hell to do daily hubs while they are populated, unless I had someone with me which is dumb. But I have like 3-4 toons I want to juggle pvping on this patch, so probably BG until my eyes bleed.

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    Pet Battle daily in DMF.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Valor cap and buy 522 neck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooootles View Post
    log out again because I realize my addons are broken and out of date
    Pretty much this, lol. Will have updated with curse, but there's always those ones that don't have an update, but still work if you hit the load out of date addons button. Of course, I never remember to actually check that before logging in, so inevitably have to log back out immediately!

    That aside, likely go check out the island and see what's up.

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    Rarespawns especially the one that drops the new BS plans unless he comes out in a rep stage in which case i will do teh reps!!!1! then make a big dirty 2h sword and sell it probably. Other than that, get some pvp gear explore and do the new loremasters lore item things.
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    1. Gonna log on my hunter alt and try to get a spirit beast.
    2. Log on my main do dailies
    3. Start honor grinding malev gear

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