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    Going to build a gaming computer

    I need suggestions for building a gaming computer. I want it to run wow with no lag and be able to run 25 mans with ease. I also want to be able to play most of the games out there. I will have about $600 to spend next month so try to keep that in mind. I do have a rocking moniter already and my keyboard and mouse so keep that in mind just need the tower and inards. Thanks for any help I can get.

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    $600 for a complete build including operating system?
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    check out tomshardware tons of computer build options there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by n0cturnal View Post
    $600 for a complete build including operating system?
    idd ...

    What specs do you have now atm perhaps its an option to only upgrade your bottle necks?

    For example my old mobo was a dualcore,with a geforce gtx 460, 6gb ddr3 with some hardrives.
    so I only decided to upgrade my mother board and my cpu. I could re use everything else (besides getting a bracket for my cpu cooler)

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    You're going to be hard pressed to run a system that can do 25 mans without lag entirely with ease, unless you're okay without going at Ultra, or possibly High settings. Especially if you need an OS.

    What are you running now? Perhaps you can fill out the upgrade questionnaire in the Upgrade forum
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