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    T15 - Normal strategies and Questions

    Well i'm back with another thread for another tier. This one has been a work in progress for a bit as i've been busy with a bunch of uni stuff. So this is just a skeleton of what I intend my final post to be. My intentions for my final post will be all 12 bosses, with a simple, and a complex explanation on the boss strategy. I'll also include a kill video. For now it's just the simple explanation, but surely it will help some people.

    This thread is for:
    -Boss Strategies for T15 (Normal for now)
    -Discussing strategies/asking for help.

    Simple explanation:
    The boss will periodically debuff his main target with a 3 second debuff. After that 3 second debuff wears off, said tank will have +10 stacks of Static Wound. For each stack of Static wound, the boss will deal increasing damage to said tank, and part of that damage is split to the raid. Simply tank swap to avoid one tank that is tanking the boss with high stacks. Ideally you want to taunt in the 3 second debuff grace period.
    The boss will throw his main target at the furthest pillar in the room. The boss will only throw the tank at the absolute furthest pillar providing there isn't already a pool there. If there is a pool at the furthest pillar, he will throw the tank at the second furthest. The pillar will then begin spouting water and forming a pool at the feet of the pillar. The pool provides a damage and healing taken buff, but also increases the lightning damage you take by 80%.
    The boss will periodically target a ranged dps or a healer with focused lightning (It's a debuff). The focused lightning is a lightning ball that will follow said player until it hits them. When the lightning ball hits the player it leaves a fissure on the ground.
    The following ball/fissure related activities will result in a wipe:
    Kiting the ball into someone else's fissure
    Letting the ball explode in a pool of conductive water
    There are two different methods, one which favors normal mode and creates pain in heroic mode which i'll outline here.
    As previously mentioned, the pools spawn from the statues. As the pools are growing, if they interact with a fissure, they will extinguish it and deal damage to anyone inside the pool. On normal mode the damage is negligible, and is much easier than kiting the balls all the way around the room. Simply drop the fissures next to the statue that will spout water next (as above, it's the statue that's furthest away from the boss). When the tank gets thrown, poof, no more fissures.
    The final mechanic is lightning storm, he will begin channeling the spell every 90 seconds which deals heavy raid damage. This is where you want to use your defensive raid cds. During the lightning storm, any previous pools will become electrified, preventing the damage/healing buff and instead causing damage to those who enter it.

    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Indepth explanation:
    This boss is separated into different sections of adds, then a mini-boss, then a final burn.
    The boss itself will periodically cast Double Swipe, which will attack twice from the front and from the back of his body. If a tank is familiar with the mechanic then they are able to move out of the frontal double swipe, which takes pressure off the healers. He will also cast this immediately after a charge.
    The boss will frequently impale the take, causing moderate damage and applying a stacking debuff that increases the damage taken by the impale by 10%. You want to tank swap to get rid of this debuff, or if you are raiding 25man, simply rotate paladin BoP's to remove the debuff.
    The boss will periodically charge raid members. The charge will be immediately followed by a double swipe, so reactions are crucial to prevent yourself from getting annihilated.
    There are four doors around the room, the boss will spawn adds from one of the doors until he charges it and breaks it. He will then move onto the next door. After all 4 gates have been broken, the mini-boss will spawn.
    As you enter the room, the first door directly to your left will spawn the first adds. (Farakki) It spawns negligible non-elite adds that should melt in just over a second, and 3 Wastewalkers (Elite adds). The wastewalkers will sunfire, dealing moderate damage and applying a dispellable DoT. It will also create sand traps on players, sand traps deal high damage and grow over time. They are crucial to not stand in, and will very quickly destroy someone standing in them.
    After a period of time, a Dinomancer will spawn. Everyone should immediately swap and zerg/interrupt the Dinomancer. When the Dinomancer reaches 50% health he drops an intractable orb. Clicking on said orb will cause the boss to charge into the door and break it. It will also apply a permanent stacking 50% damage taken buff to the boss.

    The second door is the furthest left. (Gurubashi)
    The non-elite adds in this gate aren't as weak. Should be tanked and cleaved down.
    The venomancers (Elite adds) will periodically cast Venom Bolt Volley. It can and should be interrupted. If it's ever allowed to go off, it applies a stacking damage-per-second buff that lasts for a minute. It's dispellable but the mana cost to dispell the entire raid isn't nice.
    They will also cast Venomous Effusion. The Venomous Effusion creates a pool of poison on its spawn point that will slightly move side to side. Standing in the pool will kill you before you know what you did wrong. The Venomous Effusion also casts Venom Bolt Volley.


    The third door is the furthest right (Drakkari).
    The non-elite adds are moderately weak, but not completely negligible. They will attack random players. They apply a disease to whom they are attacking, just dispell it.
    The elite adds apply a mortal strike to their main target and create frost orbs. Frost orbs will obliterate anyone near them, so simply move away from them.


    The final door is the closest one on the right. (Amani).
    There are two non elite adds. One is a melee based add that are tank and spank, the other is a flame caster that will periodically cast fireball at random players. Interruptable and should be.
    The elite adds that spawn are Beast Shamans riding War bears. The War Bears do a frontal cleave. The shamans will cast 3 different spells
    Chain lightning - interruptable.
    Hex of confusion, causes players to have a chance to deal high damage to themselves when attacking. Dispellable.
    Lightning Nova Totem, move away from it. It will 1shot you.


    After the 4th Dinomancer, the miniboss will spawn. He will deal huge raid damage and needs to be zerged down ASAP. His damage ramps up, so you can consider him a soft enrage. If you dps can't meet the requirement you will melt.

    After you kill the miniboss, Horridon will enrage. By this point he needs to be low so that your tanks don't die after their cds wear off.

    Kill Video: WIP

    Council of Elders:
    Simple explanation:
    Four different bosses. They all have seperate health pools. The crucial mechanic in this fight dictates which boss you will be killing. One of the bosses will become posessed by the Spirit of Gara'jal. You need to deal 25% of the bosses health in the time it takes for the boss to gain 100 spirit energy. If the boss reaches 100 spirit energy, you will die very fast. If the boss loses 25% health before gaining 100 spirit energy, the spirit will leave the bosses body and enter another boss instead. During being possessed, the boss will gain an additional ability.

    Frost King Malakk:
    The boss will gain the buff Frigid Assault and begin applying stacks to the player he's attacking. After getting to 15 stacks, the player is stunned for 15 seconds. Tank swap at ~12-14 stacks.
    Frostbite does damage, and AoE damage based on however many stacks Frostbite currently has. Stack on the player with the buff to lower the stacks. Frostbite is the ability the boss gains while possessed by Gara'jal
    Biting cold does AoE damage, don't confuse this with frostbite. You want to ensure you move away from people with Biting Cold.

    Will periodically charge random players, dealing damage and knocking them back.
    After charging, the boss will be stunned for 20 seconds and reflect 25% of the damage you deal to him back to you. Overload is the ability the boss gains while possessed by Gara'jal

    Sul the Sandcrawler:
    Sand bolt deals AoE damage based around the targeted player. It's interruptable and should be.
    Quicksand is a pool on the ground that deals heavy damage and applies a slowing buff. If the buff reaches 5 stacks, you become snared. It means you will be snared inside the pool (The fact you managed to survive for 5 stacks in the first place is impressive).
    Sandstorm deals raid damage and spawns Sand Elementals from quicksand pools. The Sand Elementals should be picked up by tanks as much as possible, as they don't exactly hit softly. When a sand elemental dies, it will spawn a new pool of quicksand. Sandstorm is the ability the boss gains while possessed by Gara'jal

    High Priestess Mar'li:
    Wrath of the Loa: Deals damage to the current target. Interruptable. You can choose to either tank the attacks, or interrupt them. If you choose to range-tank this boss, then you will need to heal through the damage.
    Blessed Loa Spirit is a brightly glowing animal. The animal will move towards the current possessed target and heal them for 10% of their health. It's slowable, grippable, etc. It needs to be killed within 20 seconds or it will immediately heal the boss regardless.
    Shadowed Loa Spirit is a shadowy glowing animal. The animal will move towards a random raid member and kill them instantly. It's slowable, grippable etc. It needs to be killed within 20 seconds or it will immediately kill the player regardless. Shadowed Loa Spirit is the ability the boss gains while possessed by Gara'jal

    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Simple explanation:
    Tortos will ocassionally summon 3 turtles from behind him. They will become hostile and spawn from directly underneath him. The turtles will charge around the room, dealing damage and knocking players in the air. Getting a turtle low will cause it to become immune and kickable.
    Kicking the turtle will interrupt casting and increase damage taken by 25% to enemies the turtle strikes.
    When the boss reaches 100 fury, he will cast Furious Stone Breath. This will kill the raid almost instantly, and you need to use a turtle to interrupt the cast.
    The boss will periodically cast Quake Stomp, dealing 30% of your health and causing stalagmites from the roof to fall faster. It also stuns the raid for 1 second.
    The stalagmites that fall from the roof will 1shot anyone whom they directly hit. Simply move out of the indicator circle. Stalagmites will deal raid damage to everyone, regardless if you are inside the circle or not.
    Snapping bite deals damage to the current target. Nothing special.
    The boss will spawn bats every 45 seconds. These bats will go straight for a healer as they spawn from the ceiling. The tank needs to be on the ball and pick them up before they 1shot the healer. The bats deal moderate damage to the main target, but their major mechanic is drain the weak. If the tank gets below 550k (heroic) health, the bats will heal themselves for a crazy high amount and deal additional damage to the tank. You want to stun the adds and burst them down. If the adds are still alive when a stomp is coming, you will need to use something like a shockwave then heroic leap away from the bats. As if the bats are hitting you while stunned you are dead and the bats are going to heal to full.

    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Simple explanation: WIP
    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Simple explanation: WIP
    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Simple explanation: WIP
    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Simple explanation: WIP
    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Dark Animus:
    Simple explanation: WIP
    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP

    Iron Qon:
    Simple explanation:
    Iron Qon is made up of 4 phases. 3 Phases where you are killing his mounts, and the final phase where you fight the boss.
    Throughout Phase1-3 the boss will be atop the mounts you are killing and will deal damage to the main tank, and will throw his spear at a random player. The spear will change into different elements depending on what mount the boss is riding.
    The first phase is Qon's fire Quilen mount. It will periodically cast 100k raid damage.
    The Fire Quilen has an energy bar. If the energy bar gets to 100, then it will inflict the previous mechanic every 1 second, but with a 50% damage buff.
    To relieve the Quilen of fire energy, you need to cause it to cast Unleashed Flame.
    Unleashed flame will only be cast if the boss detects a group of 3 or more players clustered. It will deal 600k damage split to any players struck, and apply a debuff causing increased fire damage taken. The debuff stacks. By the time you have done a rotation of 3 groups taking 3-5 hits from Unleashed flame, the first groups stacks have dropped and are free to soak again.
    The bosses spear in this phase causes fire lines to spawn all over the room. Standing in the fire lines causes a stacking damage over time effect that if paired with soaking, will cause severe pain.

    The second phase is the Lightning Quilen.
    He will periodically pin someone to the ground, causing them to be immune to healing. To free this player, someone must run to them and interact with them. Doing so will cause them both to gain a debuff that will shock nearby players, and chain the debuff to them. You want to ensure the two players (The player stunned, and the player whom freed them) need to be spread away from everyone else to prevent the debuff spreading further.
    He will also ocassionally pull everyone to the center of the room and create a massive storm. You need to exit the storm or else you will continue to take massive damage. There are tornados circling the room, much like Alysrazor, but if you get hit with one you won't take huge initial damage, and instead will be picked up and carried along by the tornado, while taking the huge aoe damage from the storm.
    The bosses spear in this phase causes lines of electricity to spawn, standing in the lines inflicts 200k damage and applies one stack of a debuff. If the debuff reaches 3 stacks, you are stunned for 20 seconds.

    The third phase is the Frost Quilen.
    The Quilen will periodically shield 75% of its body. If you are attacking from a direction that is shielded, your attacks will miss.
    The Quilen will periodically cause raid 75k raid damage.
    The bosses spear in this phase causes lines of frost to spawn, doing 60k damage and reducing your attack/casting speed by 25%. This stacks.

    After the third Quilen falls, you finally face the boss.
    Avoid the cyclones and kill him before his stacking buff causes the damage he deals to become unhealable.

    Indepth explanation:
    Kill Video:

    Simple explanation:
    Indepth explanation:
    Kill Video:

    Lei Shen:
    Simple explanation: WIP
    Indepth explanation: WIP
    Kill Video: WIP
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