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    The high end matches i have watched are 6 people running around in circles until one healer goes oom. That isn't much for an "eSport" to watch.
    Aye mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senathor View Post
    I finally found my opposite equivalent.
    Yey, I guess? ;p
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    I watch Twitch when I am bored, and Ill watch tournaments on it. I can watch a stream of UMvC3 and even though I havent picked up a fighting game in years I can still follow and enjoy it. I can watch a stream of Halo or CoD or CS and follow it and enjoy it. I can watch SC2 and follow it. But I couldnt HoN and I couldnt LoL, because fighting games and shooters and even RTS like SC2 are rather simple to watch, that guy got off the combo hit, that guy made the headshot, that giant robot blow up the flying bug monster... its understandable.

    But then when i watch something like LoL and its talking about lanes or some stupid character name I dont get it; and I have to figure WoW is exactly the same way with people who don't play it, or even people who do play it but don't really get pvp. I doubt there is an audience for WoW eSports outside of the hardcore pvp scene.
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    it will never be because:

    -can't be balanced
    -arena is too quick and hard to follow for someone that doesn't already know it well
    -it would require way more time and resources than Blizzard is prepared to spend

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    It is just not fit to be an Esport.

    It is hard to follow.
    Even harder if you don't know the game
    Not very interesting. Just a lot of numbers flying everywhere
    Very unbalanced. A lot of RNG

    Games like SC2 and Mortal Combat is just better to watch in every way.

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