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    Fury warr using the 2h+1h PvP power frig

    Hi All,

    I'm not a professional arena or RBG player but I do dabble in PvP of all kinds, mainly for fun, and I especially like to experiment. I've been playing with several builds over the months.

    The one thing that I've found the more interesting/fun is to go Fury and stack PvP power by using a PvP 2h and 1h weapon. Using all cooldowns and hitting bladestorm seems to melt players really well, depending of course if they're ready for the attack and pop any defenses.

    For WPvP I've additionally tried using "korkron-book-of-hurting" for even more power (+5k).

    The results are a bit crazy, I've managed to take huddled groups of players down. Granted they're probably not geared PvP players and were't ready for the assault, but the numbers still put a smile on my face.

    For arena I've found the 1h+2h combination seems to give a good W:L ratio up until attacking players that are around rank 1500. After then it gets hard to kill with burst alone, and we all know fury has shortcomings in prolonged fights.

    Anyway long story short I think it's worth a blast sometime if you fancy a bit of DPS roulette. And the change to stop disarm during bladestorm makes it all the more worth a try.

    I also wanted to ask a question to the gurus here..

    If I am using this 2h+1h trick, what should I do about wild strikes? Interesting that it will be a free triple attack after the patch on proc. So anyway, it uses weapon damage, so am I right in thinking I should really put the 1h weapon in MH and the 2h in OH? I just want to check.

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    I just ran some simple test dummy tests and in news that will probably surprise nobody, you do indeed want to use the 1h mainhand, 2h in your offhand for wild strikes. But then it's preferable to use the 2h in your mainhand for BT, CS and HS so a bit of a dilemma.

    I wonder if I can macro some real time wep swaps in with my specials.
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    what sort of numbers are we talking about here mate ??
    Lets say pvp 2h + 491 sha with epox gem in vs 2h+1h.
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    That's the exact test I'm running, but so far I've only had test dummies to work with, and considering the benefit of using a 1h over the shin'ka is the 10% pvp power, it isn't a fair test.

    I've been trying three things..
    1, 2h PvP wep MH, 1h PvP wep OH
    2, 1H PvP MH, 2h PvP OH (for Wild strikes)
    3, 2h PvP wep MH, upgraded gemmed shin'ka OH

    As you'd expect, wep damage does affect things like wild strike (offhand) e.g. WS with shin'ka on a test dummy for me is approx 26k normal 50k crit, vs the 1h PvP wep which is only 15k normal 30k crit.

    But, I can't work out from test dummies if the lower wep damage is worth the 10% PvP power, because test dummies AFAIK do not have resilience.

    What I really need to test is fully bursted bladestorm in all three of the above, against a player.

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