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    T15 Druid - so fugly.

    Of course some might like it, but a headless horseman helm is nothing druid-like.

    I like the s13 for Druid alot more.

    Your thoughts?

    Also normal raid set looks really familiar to warlock T5.
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    It reminds me of scarecrow from the animated batman series.

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    Don't like set 4 piece for guardians. Crapy

    P.S I like the look

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    One of the best tier sets in WoW.

    Just because you think it doesn't look "druidy" doesn't make it a bad set. You say fugly, I say fawesome.

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    I think it's the best druid tier since t6 lol

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    just checked t15 pics. eww I think they are all hideous :P

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    I was complaining last night on TS about how it was a warlock set until I realised it was just a dead/rotten tree look. it really is actually quite druid-ish, if anything the question is if it should've been used during another tier that suited that theme better.

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    I disagree. It's quite druidic. Everything dies eventually, and from death comes life.
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    I think it's awesome - spooky haunted tree. Nature ain't all posies and butterflies... It's scorpions and poison oak.

    Although I do see butterflies on this set.

    They're probably spooky moths.

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    seriously? how can one not like t15? its like the best looking set for droods ever made

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    I dislike the helm, but then again, I dislike almost all helms.

    I think Priest T15 "The Kobold Taunter" is my favorite tho
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    I think it's awesome - spooky haunted tree. Nature ain't all posies and butterflies... It's scorpions and poison oak.

    Although I do see butterflies on this set.

    They're probably spooky moths.
    No they are butterflies. But there is a giant moving spider hiding in the shoulder that is waiting to eat them!

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    Don't agree at all - this set has character and style and emphasizes a certain aspect of nature. Now T10, that was ugly.

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    It looks kick ass, no where near as awesome as the Mortal Combat sets fro Rogue (Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile) or Monk (Raiden) style sets. But still far superior to the Paladin Alien's looking head piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrinningMan View Post
    and from death comes life.
    and from life... death.

    I quite like the set myself, although the helm... ehhh, not really a fan of it (it does have that headless horseman helm look to it I agree). I'm never really a fan of most helms in game, since they usually cut hair off and I like my hair, as well as seeing my characters face etc.

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    I honestly think the druid T15 is the best set in this tier by far and I quite like the other ones too! One of my all times favorite so far.

    I love how they went less "hippie tree hugging elf" and more "swamp dwelling savage pagan" this time around.

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    I'm a druid and I absolutely love it. Looking forward to getting my 4 piece as soon as possible ;_; but GG when your 25 man raids has a lot of vanq tokens.

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    You are in good company. Ever since the release of tier armour somebody of some class thought it is the worst tier evah and some other tier is better,

    ..and sometimes it is just impossible to beat an old tier (like T2 of Paladins is so damn popular or T6 for locks)

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    i don't like it at all, and i'm a druid. I think the shoulds are really amazingly well done but i don't like the helm or chest at ALL. The spider does freak me out a little.

    I wish they kept with the forest critter theme and not a haunted tree for the helm. It may just be it rendered on a human (who are so clunky). Hopefully it looks better on trolls.

    HOPEFULLY you can get a chest that looks more like this

    Makes it look a whole lot better than the robe.

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    I think Tim Burton did a great job designing it. Cheers!

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