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    Whats needed in raids these days?

    I know every class in important but what is most important and always needed in a raid and respected for their role? apart from healers

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    Druids. Everyone loves druids. I make sure to /hug every druid I see. Especially the moonkin druids.

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    Probably Locks.

    When you don't have one in the raid, I miss Healthstones. They have also been pretty OP in 5.1 and they make Lei Shei Heroic easy with Banishes. No mass summon anymore either, makes them good to summon slackers or late arrivals/replacements.

    I don't respect them though! No roll is highly respected these days.

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    Have to agree with Humbugged here. Balance Druids are extremely appealing DPS to have in a raid roster right now, and they're pretty tough to find.

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    You need to choose a class for yourself, not come back here day after day to ask other people to choose for you. I've closed two of your threads already on this subject.

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