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    And now I see a shit ton up. Nice. Good luck out there everyone!

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    Most of the time I don't even play on patch day. Even when it does go up, the quality of play is shit. Every time. My old guild didn't even bother scheduling raids until two days after a patch released because they knew how shitty it would be. Man I miss those guys. They actually knew how to understand and comprehend things. They had sense.
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    They're up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Monstercloud View Post
    The debate is pretty much the standard mindset of the "Seers of MMO-Champion" that every life can be saved/preserved, no matter the person, scenario, legal ramifications, or anything that adds context to the argument otherwise. Even if posts like this or this show up, the Seers will barge right though, culminating all their knowledge of movies/tv/games/etc to create a 80 page epic that boils down to, "I thought of this, so they should of too!"

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    Ppl still suprised about extended maint on patch day?Sunwell patch was almost 23 hours down.I came home 19 from work and servers were still screwed.

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    Here we go again.. just got kicked and half the servers are DCed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormdash View Post
    I still wish Blizzard would learn to underpromise and overdeliver. Nobody is surprised it got extended. Nobody seems to think it's unreasonable that it got extended. So why not just call it up front and say "servers will be down from 5am PST to 3pm PST" or whatever, and if it's done earlier, blue post? They shouldn't even set the expectation that a patch day will go like a normal maintenance window.
    Exactly this. It's yet another in a long string of slaps to the faces of their customers. Giving a realistic completion time would be trivial, but somehow, Blizz has reached a level of internal disfunction where they cannot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeo300 View Post
    Lol I still find it funny we can go right into MoP @ Midnight, but we can't have patches ready when they say. Oh well guess I can go eat now, lol
    That's because most of the work was done with the release of 5.0.

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