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    Quote Originally Posted by Mootykins View Post
    As a 25m guild leader I've always found loot council to be the fairest way to distribute loot, if you have very trustworthy people in the council. We base ours on attendance, performance, and current item. Also it helps when fellow raiders are okay with passing on a piece of gear because it's a much bigger upgrade for someone else.
    I actually run a 10m guild that has been successful in 5.1. We are all adults and mature and decided to go the loot council way after certain raiders continued to win gear and basically we had 3/10 geared out guildies trying to do the content and everyone getting a tad bit frusrated. After switching over things worked very well, I purchased the robo-council from and we have that up and the council members go off of that + the persons activity/performance/attitude/etc. We make a decision within 2m then move on to the next boss. I love it! No QQ just PewPew

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    Patterns go to whoever has the prof. Loot is - BiS> completling 4/2 sets> MS>OS> Alts. Been this way for a while. if its BiS for someone then they get it, roll if that applies to 2 people. My guild is tight knit so we have no issues on passing on loot and rarely run into any sort of drama. When we pug its just rolling on the item basically. tried Need before greed but we had an idiot roll DE on something while everyone else passed/greeded and he DE'd heroic loot...then did it again the next day even after i talked to him so we did away with that system.

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    We roll normally.

    There's discussion afterwards if there's a specific piece of loot the raid leader would prefer it go to and everyone is mature enough to bow their head and hand it over. Or at least argue their case about why it would serve them having it better.

    We've never had loot drama strangely. A spot in our main raid is usually treated with enough respect to have everyone behave diplomatically.
    If you damage your rep with us, it's a safe bet you're going to have to hop servers to raid with anyone else or suffer a downgrade in experience.

    Recipes aren't a problem either, raid leader decides who it goes to. Later on when we have 2x of each then everyone is free to greed.
    Legendaries are decided by the officers.
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    Basically we roll. We have a "loot number" in officer notes showing how many items everyone has looted, but that is more of a guideline than something we actually would base the loot distribution to. Practically the players rolling always decide for themselves who gets the most benefit from the item, all of our members see loot as a tool to ease progression rather than reward for killing a boss.

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    10man, MS over OS rolls, if u gotten 2 items from 2-3 bosses u SHOULD pass on item X to someone else, nobody likes greedy people

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    I think we do main spec+1. I have no clue what that means but I just roll on everything. It's a 10 man and no body really rolls against one another.

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    MS > OS > Disenchant for guild bank

    Main raider > Alt/social


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    10-man guild and we're using group loot. Need if you need greed if you need for off-spec. Sometimes people makes pacts about loot. You get this item if I get this item and so forth.

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    10M Need before Greed.

    People pass stuff to eachother left and right.
    We also tend to spend the last week or two before a major patch looking thru who gains the most from Tiers and similar stuff and then people just tend to follow that list, no forcing or anything like that.

    It's a very casual way to approach loot, but without wasting any of it. And there's never any lootdrama.

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    We use EPGP but we tend to discuss loot as a group. If it is a very close upgrade for two people we tend to just leave it to EPGP, we still charge for all mainspec pieces that are straight upgrades even when other people pass to let one person complete a bonus or some such thing. Works great for us, haven't had any issues with loot since our extra ret pally stopped playing late cata (in kind terms, he was a rather greedy and unskilled player with poor attendance).
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    My guild is full of friends so we just roll if we want things and people are nice enough to pass things when it aint a massive gain. Whats nice

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    All my previous guilds have used loot council, my current guild uses a DKP/bidding system and it works very well.

    There is never any loot drama because the system prevents it. You are in control of your own loot.

    MS > OS > Trial member > Alt

    When a boss is killed, the loot is linked in raid chat with a player's name (usually an officer) next to it meaning that that person is accepting bids via whispers.

    You whisper them your current raid points with "MS" or "OS" after it. Offspecs/Trials/Alts are removed from the bidding if there are any main spec bids.

    Bids then take place on the items in raid chat. The minimum bid is 10, players with lower points bid first. You can only bid once, so you need to make sure you are bidding enough to stop others from bidding higher. The bidders and their points are all listed after the item in raid chat, so you can see who you are up against and there are no surprises.

    If you don't get the item you want, it's usually your own fault for not bidding more or not wanting to +1 a high initial bid.

    People will generally pass if the other person clearly needs it more, but sometimes people are dicks and +1 your bid anyway.

    Mounts are also bid on, and a lot of people actually save all their points just in the case a rare mount drops so they can go all in on it.

    This system does have its downsides though, an example being that our main tank never got his T14 4 set bonus because he saved his points for mounts and wouldn't bid more than the minimum (10) on upgrades & no one passed to him.

    I enjoy this system because if I really want an item...I'll get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momirmaster View Post
    your a top 10 guild who gives loot to tanks over dps/healers in 10 man? Im assuming that was only for first tier right? maybe I guess till they reach a certain level in tier 1 but every boss this tier was tankable with sub 500 ilvl tanks. dps/healer checks at time were not.

    We go loot council DPS/healers depending on fight requirements>tanks is why i'm curious.
    Now I'm not an officer or raid leader but this is just the way its handled. Even if fights were tankable sub 500ilvl it made it only easier if tank could survive better/do more dps themselves. Our healers are also exceptional in terms of hps/dps. Simply because we follow this system doesn't mean they aren't getting geared, Not that many pieces are actually shared between a lot of classes.

    Ours tanks do incredible damage as well as our healers and dps. Everyone strives for more dps in our group as well as excelling in their roll. If you look at logs for whenever we have all our mains together you'll see what im talking about. ( In case you're curious.

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    epgp. its damn near perfect for anything other that top 50 guilds imo. it rewards regular attendance with higher chance at loot, and you want your regular raiders to get the loot first. we also use it as a reward/punishment scheme. run into a wind bomb? warned. run into a second wind bomb? +GP. farm loads of herbs for the gbank? +EP.

    edit: off specs or alts get loot for 0GP if no main specs need it

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    Loot council since 2007, based around tracked attendance mainly and the benefit to the raid as a whole. Was more important for 25s, now that we're doing 10s it's almost pointless, shit just goes to who needs it because our raiding group is pretty well balanced. Only had one instance of loot drama and it was because the guy was a total asshat, disappeared for 3 weeks and got hauled in for a raid as a warm body and didn't win what he thought was his.
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    Masterloot and /roll when its no obvious choice. (10man all IRL friends)
    Crap goes to dissenchant, patterns to ppl that need.
    BoE will end up on AH to pay repairs/food for slackers.

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    We use KSK, which is a variant of suicide kings. Spreads the loot evenly, and speeds up the looting process a ton.

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    We use a mixture of SKG and loot council, with 2 SKG lists, one for tier and one for non tier. Loot council comes in if someone deems a piece BiS by a fair margin to the other person bidding. If so officers make the call and they get suicided as per normal. SKG just allows for an even loot distribution with the use of a nifty addon it all happens pretty quickly too.

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    We have to force eachother to actually take it pretty much. None is greedy to keep it to himself.
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