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    Resto trinkets (10m heroic)

    What are you guys running for resto trinkets? I've had Heroic Sha of Pride one for awhile and have yet to see another trinket for me in all of our kills, I still use Heroic Thunderforged Horridon trinket which has still served me well. I reforge down to 13000 spirit and the only fight I go oom on is Heroic dark shaman because we 2 heal instead of 3 heal it because our dps is a little low.

    I just recently grabbed the regen one from Siegecrafter Normal mode, is it any good? I'd assume the sheer intellect gain makes it better than Horridons but I'm curious what trinkets you guys use. I have the heroic Immerseus one that I am not sure if it works for Resto or not or would be worth keeping flame shock up for. We have never seen Nazgrim trinket in over 20 kills heroic/normal combined, I think I saw the Thok one once but gave it to our paladin.

    Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I just realized I have yet o see any trinkets this tier so I don't even know which are the best

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    Personally I don't like random procs except spirit. Based on rng a random proc often happens when I don't need it.

    On the other hand I think a trinket with a spirit proc is useful since the extra mana is accumulated, it won't be wasted regardless of when it procs, and it allows us to drop more spirit. Siegecrafter's trinket is a direct upgrade to your Horridon's trinket - it'll give you both more intellect and more spirit.

    However if you don't need the regen, the immerseus one is a great trinket in my opinion. The amplification will benefit all your spells the entire time with no rng involved. And about the intellect proc, it won't proc from flame shock -- in resto spec it only procs from melee attacks. But that's actually pretty nice since in contrast to the sha trinket, you can proc it when you need it assuming you can stand in melee. It has an internal cooldown of 115 seconds, therefore when about two minutes have passed since the last proc you can proc it pretty reliably by starting to melee, and then stopping when you want to prevent it from proccing and saving it for a better time. I'm using the following weakaura to track its internal cooldown:


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    There are 3 trinket options as the secondary trinket. Nazgrim's one (Multistrike), Thok's one (Cleave) and Blackfuse's one you mentioned.

    Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity is a decent option. The int alone is great of throughput, but the proc is, sadly, little unreliable. It also always procs on pull so the spirit proc coverage is never optimal. Still, get a WF one and it's really good bet.

    Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia, i've had mixed results with. Admittedly, i've just got a HC version so i am yet to test it properly. Perhaps someone else can give more insight.

    Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth is AMAZING on stacked fights. On Thok himself you can get upwards of 10% of your healing done from the cleave proc alone. The int proc, sadly, is on a 2 min icd, which means it's totally unreliable and thus, only the cleave proc is of any interest. Still, if you get your hands on one of those, even normal, use it for any fight with clumped people.

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    I used Heroic Sha trinket and regular Thok.
    I like it when they both proc together, all dat intel increasing my crit, and even on fights that aren't always stacking I felt like Thok's did more than Nazgrim's. I had Nazgrim's regular trinket for a boss or two and then I think I just d/e'ed it, because I didn't like it at all. Although no one seems to want it at all in my raid, so I might pick up the heroic one if it drops again to play around with.
    Never used Blackfuse's though, haven't seen it drop really.

    And personally, I wouldn't use the Immerseus one just because I feel like having to run in melee range could screw me over on a few fights too much to be worth it.

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    Prismatic Prison and the Siegecrafter trinket on most fights. I only use Thok's on Protectors, Norushen, Sha, and Thok. Thoks might be a bit more HPS on Galakras but the fight is such a joke it really doesn't matter.

    Nazgrim's trinket is garbage for 10man imo.
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    I use black siege norm and immersus

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