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    Challenge Modes Elemental

    I've done 3/9 tonight, and after i started thinking about upping my damage a bit. I know BiS is Lots of sockets, + Haste and Mastery on most gear.
    What about the rest? Im guessing the Legendary isn't BiS, due to crit and it being downscaled, so i need to look for a Haste + Mastery cloak. Any suggestions? And Trinkets?

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    I used the legendary cloak since it has a gem socket in it. Wushoolay's and Relic of Yu'lon are strong trinket options, as well as an upgraded Alchemy trinket (if you have that available).

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    Not really planning on buying a Yu'lon :/

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    Would Wush + Light of the Cosmic be an option?

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    There are a lot of threads with similar discussions not too far back. For specifics, check those. As for gear, yes you use the legendary. Depending on your group comp you want purified in blues, brilliant in red, reckless in yellows, burning in meta. Int and haste are highly effective at this gear level and give a good balance between aoe and single target damage. Mastery is good if you need more AOE damage and your group is already strong with single target but lacks a Mage, survival hunter, or warlock for example. The trick to "bis" (although not needed at all) is to maximize sockets with as much haste / mastery gear as possible. An example is the clear minded focus helm off of primordious. As mentioned the alchemy and DMC trinket are bis. Why? Uptime. Close seconds are the black blood off garrosh, breath of the hydra, and wush. Light of cosmos is good for the static haste but loses value because it procs on DOT damage, not damage in and of itself. During trash pulls you aren't multi dotting so this trinket simplifies to a guaranteed boss proc instead. You decide if you are comfortable with that.

    Good luck! Sorry for typos, using my iPhone.

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