View Poll Results: Do you think Ele/Resto should be able to imbue their Shield?

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  • Yes - I support Ele and Resto being able to imbue their Shield with shaman imbues

    42 75.00%
  • I Do Not Support - Ele and Resto should not be able to imbue their Sbield with shaman imbues

    14 25.00%
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    Shaman Weapon Imbues - Suggestion / Poll

    Do you think Blizzard should add the ability for Ele and Resto Shaman being able to weapon-imbue their Shields, similar to how Enhance can weapon-imbue their off-hand?

    Please vote in the poll and tell us your reason(s) for the choice you made.

    My opinion is that it would be the easiest way to improve Ele's poor PvP survivability (ex. being able to put frostbrand/rockbiter on the shield).
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    Well, you'd have to find a way for Staff users to be compensated, and that could be messy.

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    There's Shaman who actually use Staffs?

    Anyway, I voted yes. However, I would prefer if the imbue for Shields gave a different effect than the weapon imbue. Like if you imbued your shield with Frostbrand, it would slow down anyone who hit you. Of if you had Earthliving Weapon on your shield, something that hit you would trigger the Earthliving HoT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    There's Shaman who actually use Staffs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schadow View Post
    Dragonwrath says hi.
    I was going to say that DW was a pretty isolated incident, but then I realized that I'm using a 517 staff from Lei Shi because the valor cost for upgrading 1H/OH was double that of upgrading a staff. :\

    I still voted yes, though. :P And I love Teriz's idea to make them have different effects, specifically more PvP-oriented ones so that they wouldn't have to worry about balancing it as much in PvE.

    FB: Slows anyone who hits you.
    EL: Procs the EL HoT when hit.
    FT: Does fire damage to anyone who hits you.
    RB: Procs a 10% DR for 2 seconds whenever anyone hits you.

    Ideas, of course, subject to balance.

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    I voted 'yes' for the idea, but I think I'm going to go with 'no' for the implementation.
    Apart from giving Restoration a double healing imbue (and unleash), you've also got to account for staves. We could go with the route of allowing a double enchantment on two-handers, of course. But that'd take more time to implement.

    All in all, I don't think it's worth it. Mostly because yes, if would be nice, but how would that affect everybody else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    There's Shaman who actually use Staffs?
    In LFR I got the staff off Lei Shi 2 times. :3

    Ont: yes!
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    I have a suggestion for that.
    Essentially, Imbue Weapon should just function like Rogue Poisons (both affect both weapons), but instead of being applied to weapons, they could be called <insert name> Essence.

    So Windfury Essence + Flametongue Essence = both weapons can proc the Windfury effect and the Flametongue fire damagbe, and you would get twice the spell damage bonus.

    In a nutshell, each Essence would grant you X benefit per Weapon and Y per Shield.
    Two-handed Weapons would probably grant double benefit.

    On a side note, I really wish 2handed weapon enhancement came back. Blizzard only has to gain from that.
    It wouldn't any more difficult than Frost DK and Fury - both have two sub-specs.
    Would also like Blood to have dps & tank spec (or be split into two like druid).
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    Windfury Shield, F*ck yes! ^^

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    Would love an imbue that does damage to attackers
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    Shaman's need to do more with shields, it sucks that they just have them for nothing but stats and extra armor. Ele/Resto should have a defensive shield slam with a short CD(30 sec- 1 Min) to use when attacked by melee to help them out in such situations, hell why do we even have mail armor for huh? If it was up to me Each weapon imbue would these effects when used if having any other imbues other then FT would be feasible: RB; stun for 4 sec's, FT; increase fire damage taken, FB; root for 5 sec and slow for 10, and for Resto EF; root and drain health for 8 secs.
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    why get rid of earth living that is most of our healing

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